Sibilla Aleramo was married off to a man who worked in her father’s factory, Although classified as fiction, A Woman is more like a memoir. First published in , this Italian feminist touchstone-work is widely known in Europe but has previously been unavailable in the U.S. The first. “Still a powerful and unsettling account of an extraordinary young woman coming of age The power of this novel lies in Sibilla Aleramo’s rendering of her.

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Se si chiede in giro quanti conoscano Sibilla Aleramo pochi alzeranno la mano io sarei stata tra quelli che non la avrebbero alzata non avendo mai trovato il suo nome su un libro di letteratura.

The narrator’s life is controlled completely by aleramk, any attempt to break away confronts some patriarchal social norm – or even the threat of legal sanction.

Inwardly she siiblla from the passive lethargy with which her countrywomen endure their lives to active work and freedom, though still always with one eye out for Mr. Retrieved from ” https: At this point her husband begins encouraging her to write, albeit only to confess her sins. Structurally A Woman adheres to a strict tripartite division.

Gina Lombroso applauded the generational bond established in the work: She was a feminist best known for her autobiographical depictions of life as a woman in late 19th century Italy.

Selected pages Title Page.


sibiola Despite this early setback, some individual members of parliament came out in support of voting rights for women. In Giovanni Giolitti became prime minister of Italy. However, whether one liked Aleramo’s novel or not, the book was an iceberg in the mainstream of Italian literary life, impossible to get around without careful inspection. Although she has not betrayed her husband, the accusations send him into a rage that leads him to verbally and physically assault her.


Mozzoni, her Socialist ties aside, qoman to lead the way later she would gain renown as the first Italian feminist.

The publication of A Woman transformed Aleramo from a struggling alermao to an internationally acclaimed author. For a book that sent shock waves through the European literary establishment and, since its original publication in has gone through seven editions along with highly acclaimed translations into all the principal languages of Europe, A Woman Una Donna by Sibilla Aleramo has remained curiously obscure in America.

A WOMAN by Sibilla Aleramo | Kirkus Reviews

But the young woman has other ambitions; she begins penning articles for various journals, including one in which wleramo uses the word feminism for the first time. Lei pura, intelligente e colta ma costretta a subire le angherie del padre prima e womaj marito poi.

I highly recommend it to male and female readers. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. The early Christian feminists concentrated on service to the community and opposed socialism and concerns of the secular movement, such as the push for women to attain the vote.

Quintin Hoare and Geoffrey Nowell Smith. The law afforded women no rights whatsoever in the governing of their families and little means of escape from a disastrous marriage. Views Read Edit View history.

This novel, first published inis considered part of the very early canon of feminist literature. A Woman by Sibilla Aleramo. Mar 19, Govnyo rated it it was ok Shelves: Preview — A Woman by Sibilla Aleramo.


He soon took steps to dramatically expand male suffrage but ignored the question of voting rights for women, not because of any strong conviction but because of his political agenda.

Italian women were conditioned to pursue domesticity and motherhood; the emphasis on domestic life reinforced the concept of the angelo del focolareor angel of the house, the model that women were to emulate. E vince ogni volta che qualcuno donna, ma si spera anche uomo legga questa autbiografia romanzata. A successful pregnancy follows, and she gives birth to a son. In fact, many early reviewers were as puzzled by the autobiographical question as Aleramo herself may have been.

I picked it up after qleramo Italian had vastly deteriorated, which was a severe handicap because Aleramo tends to write in a formal style with sentences that go on for so long that by the end of the sentence you’ve forgotten the beginning View all 4 comments.

Yet both types of activism made profound contributions to Italian society of the day. The letter reveals that before losing her mind, the mother also grappled with the decision to leave. Creatura “rovinata”, dalla vita tribolata, passata attraverso molte esperienze, alcune in for “La legge diceva ch’io non esistevo.