Shadowhawk reviews the latest Inquisition novel from Dan Abnett. Buy Pariah (The Bequin Trilogy) Reprint by Dan Abnett (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn trilogy remains one of the best things the Black Library has published. While the sequel Ravenor was a bit weaker it’s still one of my.

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Being set amid an invisible war, the book is one of many twists, quite a few of which you will not see coming. After writing a story as complicated as Secret War.

The sci fi nature was not exactly hitting you over the head. The old guard are mostly all back, all get a pretty cool cameo, Eisenhorn, Nayl, Ravenor, Patience Kys but don’t get much ‘screen time’ hopefully they’ll play larger parts in the following novels.

What should have been the really good stuff, happens way too late, and is thus rushed to a very unsatisfactory conclusion. To contextualise the second point: The middle is just a chaotic mess of tangled loyalties and betrayals.

This was a curious ability to be working with. Two books in one! The foremost one of these is the apparent reliance upon fan service. We deviate on some BL and other paroah, but generally are pretty in synch.

And knowing abnetg the story had to leave him ready for Pariah was very informative. Pariah cannot be described properly with words. It isn’t long before the school comes under attack by the forces of Chaos! This is the story of Alizabeth Bequin, a young woman at a school for future inquisitors. Yet one minor, random character in the novel is quite educated about this time.


Pariah by Dan Abnett

There are certainly some good things. Am I a hypocrite for not pzriah Pariah as much as I thought I would? Someone please get to work cloning Parih. Simple answer — yes! At the school called the Maze Undue, she is trained in the arts of infiltration and deception, and she awaits the day that she can leave the school and become a productive servant of the Imperium.

I, for one, don’t care, since Beta isn’t half-bad as a character in her own right pending further developments in the two remaining novels, of courseplus I appreciate that Abnett makes sure that when a character is dead barring any interference from external forcesthey stay dead.

Ah Greg, you could not be cuter if you tried really hard. In my review for Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind I mentioned that it was quite clear from Kvothe’s narration that he wasn’t telling the whole truth, and Rothfuss certainly implies the reader must not take everything he says at face value via Kvothe’s own narrative voice.

The ultimate test for me is do I want to read more. It was a downright struggle to read the book. A fine opener to the final trilogy.

It is extremely rare for me to not finish a Black Library book, and Prospero Burns has that dubious honour, right alongside Eldar Prophecy by C. It seems Ravenor has become all about blind devotion, and a massive jerk in addition.

RAPID FIRE: Dan Abnett Talks The Magos

I suppose Abnett is looking to up the ante after the events of the previous two trilogies, but I do wonder if he’s making the right decision. Books by Dan Abnett. Secondly, although the trilogy is subtitled ‘Eisenhorn vs. But will he stay with Bequin after his task is complete? But for the casual fan like myself, it is a mess, and feels like I read half a book with absolutely no resolution in the plot. To contextualise the second point: She’s the MacGuffin that’s shoved from plot point to plot point and never takes hold of her own destiny or controls the story.


Odd book, took me awhile to get into it. This is NOT a review — its a random jumble of stream of conciousness ranting that fails to do anything other than illustrate the authors ignorance. The start of the story confused me, I think Dan did that on purpose, but it was just frustrating.

Fans who stick with the book will find their patience rewarded. I was excited about this book, because I liked Bequin, and I wanted to see what would happen next for her, Eisenhorn, and Ravenor. We respect your email privacy. So I won’t, argg! Cherubael has one line in the entire book that comes close to making the entire book worth the wait, just one line, right at the end it is in fact the closing dialogue of the novel.