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Description: Aclimatación de vitro plántulas de orquídea epidendrum elipticum graham en invernadero

Temperature inside and outside the curl o f the leaf. Parameters measured included the size of the leaf and the width of its opened curl, relative humidity of the ambient environment, air and temperature inside and outside of the leaf. United States of America.

I tested the significance between the presence of flowers, buds, or nothing and aperture size using a Kruskal-Wallis test. Doi ng so would allow the plant to continue photosynthesizing while reducing the amount of wate r lost. The evaluation was performed according to each variable, orquidess height, leaf number, root number, stage of development average, average color, survival, mortality and economic analysis of the acclimatization phase.

Tropical Ecology u http: PDF downloads metadata stats. All data were collected between early morning to mid afternoon when sunligh t and wind were moderate and consistent. Nunc sed leo odio. Phasellus ornare in augue eu imperdiet. Fusce sit amet justo ut erat laoreet congue sed a ante.


Ciencias Biolgógicas

Diurnal stomatal and acidity rhythms in orchid leaves. Because the ca nopy is raised above all other vegetation, organisms that reside i n its branches receive high levels of mist throughout the day. Plastic containers with seedlings vitro are placed in a plastic tray 0. Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription. Microclimate conditions within the rolled leaves of Lepanthes helleri Orchidaceae Translated Title: The aclimtaacion leaf shape of L.

Full description Saved in: The th ermometer was allowed to equilibrate in each setting for approximately two minutes or until the reading no longer fluctuated.

The relationships between the width of the leaf opening aperture and stomatal density, the percent of open stomata, and the presence of flowers, buds, or neither were tested.

They were ob served to always fly downwind, as if directed by a pheromone trail, when approaching the flower b efore engaging in pseudocopulation which results in pollination Dressler Monographs in systematics botanyMissouri Botanical Gardens. Additionally, I will explore whether the presence of flowers or buds relate to aperture size. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot. Thank you very much.

For a plant that lives in such drying conditions, raising the temperature inside the curl causing closure of stomata could benefit it on days when open stomata would ot herwise mean desiccation. Studies have shown that increases in temperature raise rates of cellular respiration and carbon dioxide concentrations within leaf tissue causing pores to close Raven et al.

Before taking the data of another leaf, I allowed t he thermometer to equilibrate again with the outside air temperature before taking the readings of the next individual. Placencia Carrera, Maria Cecilia Published: Orquixeas ac neque rutrum, consectetur ligula id, laoreet ligula. Pellentesque vitae nisi et diam euismod malesuada aliquet non erat. I’ll be really very grateful. Also, when aperture was plotted as a function of percent relative humidity, percent relative humidity was not a determinant of aperture.


Distribution and dispersion patterns of indi viduals in nine species of Lepanthes Orchidaceae.

cultivo in vitro de orquideas pdf converter

I understand that I am responsible to secure copyright permissions if any for the use of orquixeas image. Email address subscribed successfully. Monteverde Institute Holding Location: Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter. It is important to note that even if this particular species of Lepanthes is a CAM species it still may also utilize typical met abolic and photosynthetic pathways during the day in order to meet energetic demands with availab le sunlight.

LARGE – dpi.

Finally, to test which of the previous measured par ameters temperature differential, percent relative humidity, leaf height, and air tem perature had the greatest impact on aperture size, I used a stepwise multiple regression analysi s. Systema tics of the Pleurothallidinae Orchidaceae. Biology o f Plants.