The Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers and Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers combine all of the components you need to control/automate any. Buy the AMX FG Enova DGX DXLink Input Board at Full Compass. AMX’s FG is a HDCP compliant twisted pair cable input board for the. Buy the AMX FG Enova DVXHD-T 75W 70/V 6×3 All-In-One Presentation Switcher with NX Control at Full Compass. The Enova®.

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Have specific questions about this product? Low total cost of ownership With a consistent platform across a variety of sizes, it is easy to standardize on the DVX and reduce costs for hardware, training, support, troubleshooting and sparing.

With AMX-exclusive features, the DVXHD is a simple to install, flexible solution, perfectly suited for large and complex conference rooms, classrooms and auditoriums.

Each source can feed its maximum image quality — only this will allow a true plug-and- play operation. ajx

AMX Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers

Saves Energy Includes features that dramatically reduce energy utilization. For each output, the SmartScale technology automatically reacts deactivatable per port by the pass-through mode on the given EDID information, and optimizes the video resolution and parameters for each display.


Matrix switching Freely route any input to any or all outputs without blocking – 4×2 video switcher and 6×3 audio switcher with audio breakaway. Especially developed for environments with high availability requirements, both the standard built-in redundant power supplies and the individual modules are hot swappable, i. Thus, expenses of spare ajx storage can fnova limited to a minimum; end users benefit from massive reductions of operating costs.

The new technology enables an extremely compact design: Description This All-In-One Presentation Switcher is a unified audio, video and control device that eliminates ammx need for numerous individual components as well as the integration and reliability challenges that accompany them.

Contact our team today Contact us. Optimal video image quality every time Exclusive SmartScale technology automatically scales the image to the optimal resolution and video parameters for each display – even for displays of different information without manual setup, eliminating the need for costly external scalers.

Enhanced microphone processing Independent 3-band parametric EQ, compression, gating, auto-ducking, and limiting on each microphone input ensures crystal clear communication. The compact 3U Presentation Switcher integrates a variety of different functionality, such as a scaler, analog to digital signal converter, twisted pair transmitter and amplifier with built-in professional grade audio processing into a single chassis.

The functionality is complemented by SmartScale: Simplicity and reliability Replaces the need for numerous individual components and equipment, ensuring high reliability and saving on configuring and programming costs. This guarantees maximum availability and minimum restoration time — a feature is of enormous importance in enovw installations.


Therefore, existing outdated technology can be replaced without major reconstruction effort. Enhanced diagnostics on serial and IR ports Provides real time error feedback when serial and IR ports are disconnected or improperly wired. In the rack-case, an Enova DGX ensures even better clarity: Crystal clear audio Includes an integrated digital signal processor with advanced capabilities like independent band parametric EQ, independent input gain adjustments and variable compression, allow precision tuning to match unique source and room attributes.

Thus, the Enova technology provides maximum viewing pleasure.

AMX Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers – DEKOM

All-in-one device Controller, matrix switcher, scaler, analog to digital converter, amplifier, plus twisted pair distribution and professional-grade audio DSP – all in a space-saving 3U chassis. Curious about shipping options or volume pricing? AV and control over twisted pair Send audio, video, bidirectional control and Ethernet up to m over one standard twisted pair cable. Central AV management for conference rooms, large auditoriums, control centers or universities.