Results 1 – 18 of 18 The Big Book of Tell Me Why: Answers to Hundred of Questions Children Asks by Leokum, Arkady and a great selection of related books. Series By Arkady Leokum; Books By Arkady Leokum Similar Authors To Arkady Leokum Tell Me Why #2: Answers to Hundreds of Questions Children Ask. Find great deals for Tell Me Why: Tell Me Why by Arkady Leokum (, Paperback). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Arkady Leokum October 3, —September 2, is a 20th-century writer notable for both his adult pulp fiction and best-selling juvenile encyclopedic-knowledge books. He lived in West Stockbridge, Massachusettsand died one month before his 93rd birthday.

Leokum is the writer and creator of the prolific “Tell Me Why” book series of the s and s, [2] which asked md answered questions for curious youth about all facets of life, such as: Why does Saturn have rings? Akrady are the different types of clouds?

How does an octopus swim?

Original Tell Me Why Series by Arkady Leokum

Why does a tiger have stripes? How do flowers grow? Throughout his career in advertising and American radio, Leokum was listed, in various agencies, as a New York agency executive, creative director, and copywriter.


In the advertising world, Arkady Leokum may be best known for his slogan for the Chock full o’Nuts coffee ad campaign, a slogan that pushed Chock full o’Nuts from a seventh-rank position to third in New York City: Leokum spoke about the characteristics of what makes a good copywriter.

In a March, U. He may be proved wrong and have to change it, but it’s the man who goes down bleeding and dying who usually does the best job. I don’t want to sound corny about this, but a copywriter knows that’s what he wants to be. In fact he’d be miserable doing anvthing else in an agency, unless it’s supervising other copywriters.

I wouldn’t exactly call copywriting a lekoum from above, but arady you don’t care about it you aren’t likely to be good at it.

In March,while vice president and creative director of Grey Advertising, Inc. But a good copywriter should be able to write for all media. Leokum believes good copy writing requires a specialized talent all its own. When he is hiring a young copywriter he often asks him to make up a sample book of his work.

He suggests that he choose two examples of current commercial campaigns, one good and one bad in his opinion. The tell employee then writes another commercial in each series, pointing out the merits of the good campaign and the faults of the bad. Earlier, as Vice-President of Robert W.


Original Tell Me Why Series

As a stage play, Enemies was written by Arkady Leokum; directed by Fielder Cook, an award-winning director of films and television dramas; produced by Lewis Freedman.

Both men are somewhat deceptive and the relationship between the two turns when it is revealed that the waiter is a skilled investor and an owner of the restaurant and building.

Davidson, a senior supervisor with the Children’s Aid Society of Pennsylvania. Leokum is a son of Mr.

Tell me why – Arkady Leokum – Google Books

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