Description. Stems: Solitary, upright, to 20 m tall and 60 cm in diameter, ringed with oblique to undulating leaf scars. Leaves: Pinnate, reduplicate, to 10 m long, . Jul 26, The Corozo Palm Attalea cohune is a prolific, and at times dominant, species in humid lowland biomes of Central America. The eastern. any info on cold/dry heat/ Attalea cohune? thanks guys.

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Effect of the corozo palm nut oil meal in the baby chick diet.

Older agtalea might still appear in palm literature or on garden signs. Common name cohune palm. I have a Cohune at my old place growing in pure beach sand. In cleared tropical deciduous forest, Nayarit State, Mexico. The heart of the cohune palm, located in the last four feet of the trunk before the base of the leaf stems, is considered a delicacy. Attalea cohune was last modified: It had no trunk yet but 20ft leaves and it flowered.

The huge leaves are utilized by the natives for roofing the houses and the pinnulae of the leaves of the young plants are used for fabricating the typical sombreros. Corozo Attalea cohuneseeds. Those 3 years had temperatures dropping to near 20F. Pinnatereduplicateto 10 m long, rachis clhune from the midpoint toward the apex, green leaflets growing in one plane, regularly arranged, drooping, with brown tomentum on abaxial leaflet margin.

Attalea rostrata is also another of the hardier ones. I found seeds on the ground in Nosara, Costa Rica, which is mostly deciduous dry forest, totally defoliated during the dry season, extremely dry and hot, and very wet and green during the attalex season.

Other members of this genus, but few are cultivated ornamentals because of the large size of these palms. The resulting oilcake is highly palatable. Scientific name Attalea cohune Mart. Old names; Orbignya cohune, Orbignya dammeriana, Orbignya guacuyule, Cocos guacuyule, Cocos cocoyule.


The palms are usually tall up to 20 mand the fruits grow in bunches measuring about 1 m in length and weighing kg. Unfortunately a nearby tree was struck by lightning and it killed the A. The freeze had 2 nights at F.

Cohune Palm

Distribution Native to forests and disturbed areas of lowland Cohuen and Central America. Frond damage at F, not exactly a great palm for California but if’s gonna grow anywhere, I would think inland San Diego would be great. The cohune palm is believed to be the hardiest palm in the genus Attalea.

Diagnostic features Very large palm with undulating rings on the stem, drooping leaflets on a twisted rachis and inflorescences covered by a persistent, woody, grooved bract. The seeds keep forever because they are adapted to lie around in dry dirt and wait for the rainy season to germinate. This proves it can take the arid heat, that’s for sure. The seeds, cleaned and polished, are utilized for trinkets or for realizing small handicrafts. I’ve seen a lot of them on the Pacific side there.

Attalea cohune | Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

Gary Woods up at the soon-to-be-history South Coast Palms has some gigantic Attalea up at his place, but I’m not sure which one. Very large palm with undulating rings on the stem, drooping leaflets on a twisted rachis and inflorescences covered by a persistent, woody, grooved bract. This palm should not be considered an understory to small structures or powerlines with low clearances.

They go completely dormant without water. Cohune palm is a slow grower until its trunk emerges above ground, and then more rapid growth occurs. You’ll find photos in this thread:. Palm wine is produced from the sap of the heart of the cohune.


The cohune palm grows best in a sheltered warm spot in a subtropical setting, or in hot and humid tropical environments. The pinnate leaves, mostly bound upwards and up to 9 m long, are of a dark green colour with 0,9 m long pinnulae regularly distributed along the rachis on a same level; the rachis rotates, by atatlea mid length, placing the pinnulae on a vertical level. Cohune palm is considered very disease and pest resistant. Inflorescences are branched to one order and are covered by a woody, grooved bract.

Attalea cohune in the landscape. Photograph courtesy of Montgomery Botanical Center http: The Attalea rostrata would defoliate below around 27F but quickly grow back.

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Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

Value of atyalea palm nut and sesame oil meals, bananas, A. Fruits are up to 8 cm long and yellowish brown to golden brown. Photo by Bob Lauri. They may have either all staminate flowers or pistillate flowers with a few staminate ones. Many Special Thanks to Ed Vaile for his long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions.

Even small, young cohune palms can tolerate full sun.

The growth is initially slow. Each cohune fruit may cohjne seeds. Cohune palms make a dramatic statement in areas containing large open space. There used to be a large specimen here at Leu Gardens.

Special thanks to Palmweb. The corozo palm nuts are processed chiefly by the soap industries. Palmisland, those are some cool pics of wild specimens.