Ergodic Theory and Information. Front Cover. Patrick Billingsley. R. E. Krieger Publishing Company, – Coding Theory – pages. Billingsley, P.: Ergodic Theory and Information. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York XIII + S. Abb., Tab. Preis 64 s. S. Claus · Search for more papers by. Buy Ergodic theory and information on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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Finitary codes between Markov processes. Gebiete 47 Equivalence of topological Markov shifts.

Ergodic Theory and Information by Billingsley (Hardcover)

Topological entropy and equivalence of dynamical systems. Similarity of the automorphisms of the torus. Symbolic dynamics and hyperbolic dynamical systems. Methods of Symbolic Dynamics in Russian. Mir, Moskvapp. Wiley, New York Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliff’s Theory IT Ergodic Theory and Information.

Wiley, New York-London-Sydney Convergence of Probability Measures. Computation of channel capacity and rate-distortion functions. On invariant probability measures I. On the isomorphism thory for Bernoulli schemes. Symbolic dynamics for hyperbolic systems.

Ergodic Theory and Information – Patrick Billingsley – Google Books

Topological entropy for non-compact sets. Smooth partitions of Anosov diffeomorphisms are weak Bernoulli. Lecture Notes in Mathematics The ergodic theory of Axiom A flows. Mathematicae 29 On the strong mixing and weak Bernoulli conditions. Gebiete 51 Entropy and algorithmic complexity of trajectories of a dynamical system. Endomorphisms of irreducible shifts of finite type. Systems Theory 8 A simplified proof of the sliding-block source coding theorem and its universal extension.

Finitary codings and weak Bernoulli partitions. Finite generators for ergodic measure-preserving transformations. Gebiete 29 Generators and almost topological isomorphisms.


Ergodic Theory on Compact Spaces. Almost topological dynamical systems. Finitary codes and the law of the iterated logarithm. Gebiete 52 Abstract alphabet sliding-block entropy compression coding with a fidelity criterion.

Endomorphisms of a Lebesgue space II. Optimal coding in case of unknown and changing message statistics. Problemy Peredachi Informacii 2 The compression of discrete information. Problemy Peredachi Informacii 3 Asymptotically mean stationary channels. On the isomorphism of weak Bernoulli transformations.

Information Theory thekry Reliable Communication.

The Theory of Matrices. Chelsea, New York The ergodic decomposition of stationary discrete random processes. Theory IT- Source coding theorems without the ergodic assumption. Mutual information rate, distortion, and quantization in metric spaces. Asymptotically mean stationary measures. Process definitions of distortion-rate function and source coding theorems.

Non block source coding with a fidelity criterion. A generalization of Ornstein’s d-distance with applications to information theory. Block coding for discrete stationary d-continuous noisy channels. Block synchronization, sliding-block coding, invulnerable sources, and zero-error codes for discrete noisy channels. On marginaldistributionsandisomorphisms of stationary processes. Information-singularity and recoverability of random processes.

Van Nostrand, Princeton N. Lectures on Ergodic Theory. On the algorithmic foundations of information theory.

Theory 1T The prevalence of uniquely ergodic systems. Coding problems in ergodic theory. A class of finitary codes. Bernoulli schemes of the same entropy are finitarily isomorphic. The finitary isomorphism theorem for Markov shifts. Mathematical Foundations of Information Theory. Dover, New York On approximation of stationary measures by periodic and ergodic measures. A generalized Shannon-McMillan theorem for the action of an amenable group on a probability space.

Block billingslry for an ergodic source relative to a zero-one valued fidelity criterion.


Ergodic theory and information book download – Mon premier blog

A unified approach to weak universal source coding. On the minimum rate for strong universal block coding of a class of ergodic sources. On the transmission of Bernoulli sources over stationary channels. On coding a stationary process to achieve a given marginal distribution. Extensions of source codirig theorems for block codes to sliding-block codes. Stationary coding over stationary channels. Gebiete 56 Block coding for weakly continuous channels.

Perfect transmission over a discrete memoryless channel requires infinite expected coding time. Characterizations of d-total boundedness for classes of B sources. On obtaining a stationary process isomorphic to a given process with a desired distribution. Generators with prescribed marginals for nonergodic automorphisms. Lecture presented at the 9th Prague Conf.

Theory, Prague, June Selecting universal partitions in ergodic theory. A new metric invariant of transitive dynamical systems and automorphisms of Lebesgue spaces. The three approaches to the definition of the concept “amount of information”. Problemy Peredachi Informacii 53 – 7. Recent results on generators in ergodic theory. Theory etc, Academia, Prague- Discussion of Professor’s Ornstein’s paper.

On entropy and generators of measure-preserving transformations. University of California Press, Los Angeles On metric invariants of entropy type. Nauk 22 ,