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When were floppy disks introduced? You will learn lots of interesting stuff. How did Marcian Hoff’s invention change computers? This is especially a problem in schools. What does DVD stand for? This teacher’s web page is an example of: Name three computer peripherals. Space Frayer Model – doc.

The challenge is to find them. What did he invent that you find handy? You’ll need a free pdf program to use them like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview. It was an experiment to connect universities so they could share information.


Compact Disc-Read Only Memory. I have collected some of them in these links. December Holidays Internet Hunt. In most computer systems, there are eight bits computed1 a byte. The military cojputer1 to develop firing tables for its artillery, so that gunners in the field could quickly look up which settings to use with a particular weapon on a particular target under particular conditions.


It is used to store data. OR Have the students number down a lined sheet of paper. Apple Computer’s G4 is a supercomputer because its operations can be measured in gigaflops.

OR Consult the Computet1 your own answer form how to. As with CD-R, users can write only once to this disk. Biodiversity Exploration Plant Investigation. I think the person who coined these computer terms must have been hungry.

Internet Scavenger Hunts & Problem Research Activities

I am providing some of the hunts in PDF. Birds Exploration th revised. What does modem stand for anyway? How many bits are in a byte? What does GUI pronounced “goo-ey” mean? A computer virus is a program designed to spread itself by first infecting executable files or the system areas of hard and floppy disks and then making copies of itself. Use of the materials here constitutes an agreement with the Terms of Use.

It can be re-written up to about 1, times. Cell Type Frayer Model doc. Also, some administrators are refusing to allow users to switch to Dvorak when the option exists.

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Plants – Frayer facts model – doc pdf. It is expected to become the most popular audio disk.


Birds – learn about our feathered friends. The total capacity is 17 Gbytes if two layers on both sides of the disk are utilized. Search the site What do we call this today? What cpmputer1 can you not hold in your hand? Birds of Wetlands Facts Table Activity.

How many DVD formats are available? You can easily adjust your view of the text on a page. What is a computer virus?

Paste it in a word processing document. You will harness powerful web site tools like databases to obtain fresh information. Newer Post Older Post Home. In the eight inch floppy disk drive was introduced by IBM. Feel free to link to or bookmark any individual web page.

What is a home page? We called it online. How to Cohoea these activities: About Me naadir View my complete profile. Save a tree – use a Digital Answer Format – Highlight the text.