La educación de los estudiantes en la universidad debe tener la misma dimensión académica y profesional con principios morales. Puede ser. Title: Constitución apostólica del sumo pontífice Juan Pablo II sobre las Universidades Católicas, Author: Universidad Católica Sedes Ex Corde Ecclesiae. Ex Corde Ecclesiae Update at · Constitucion Apostolica del Sumo Pontifice Juan Pablo II sobre las Universidades Catolicas.

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Clerical Whispers: Essayist sees new Vatican drive to enforce Ex Corde Ecclesiae

With every other University it shares that gaudium de veritate, so precious to Saint Augustine, which is that joy of searching for, discovering and communicating truth 2 in every field of knowledge. They give me a well-founded hope for a constituxin flowering of Christian culture in the rich and varied context of our changing times, which certainly face serious challenges but which also bear so much promise under the action of the Spirit of truth and of love.

Evangelization means “bringing the Good Evclesiae into all the strata of humanity, and through its influence transforming humanity from within and making it new In a Catholic University, research necessarily includes a the search for an integration of knowledge, b a dialogue between faith and reason, c an ethical concern, and d a theological perspective.

Their mission appears increasingly necessary for the encounter of the Church with the development of the sciences and with the cultures of our age.

Jesus Christ, our Saviour, offers his light and his hope to all those who promote the sciences, the arts, letters and the numerous fields developed by modem culture.

The mission that the Church, with great hope, fonstitucin to Catholic Universities holds a cultural and religious meaning of vital importance because it concerns the very future of humanity.

Any particular laws or customs presently in effect that are contrary to this Constitution are abolished. Cardinal Newman apostluca that a University “professes to assign to each study which it receives, its proper place and its just boundaries; to define the rights, to establish the mutual relations and to effect the intercommunion of one and all”.

Translation of “Et ex corde diligamus” in English

Through the encounter which it establishes between the unfathomable richness of the salvific message of the Gospel and the variety and immensity of the fields of knowledge in which that richness is incarnated by it, a Catholic University enables the Church to institute an incomparably fertile dialogue with people of every culture. Balancing Reason, Faith and Power that for progressive Catholics—like those teaching cordr Catholic campuses—authority is diffuse: By means of a kind of universal humanism a Catholic University is completely dedicated to the research of all aspects of truth in their essential connection with the supreme Truth, who is God.


A vital interaction of two distinct levels of coming to know the one truth leads to a greater love for truth itself, and contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of the meaning of human life and of the purpose of God’s creation. A Catholic University’s privileged task is “to unite existentially by intellectual ocnstitucin two orders of reality that too frequently tend to be placed in opposition as though they were antithetical: Therefore, all the sons and daughters of the Church should become aware of their mission and discover how the strength of the Gospel can penetrate and regenerate the mentalities and dominant values that inspire individual cultures, as well as the opinions and mental attitudes that are derived from it” Service to Church and Society The primary mission of the Church is to cnstitucin the Gospel in such a way that a relationship between faith eccclesiae life is established in each ecclewiae and in the socio-cultural context in which individuals live and act and communicate with one another.

This will be achieved more effectively if close personal and ecclesiaee relationships exist between University and Church authorities, characterized by mutual trust, close and consistent cooperation and continuing dialogue. Therefore, I desire to share with everyone my profound respect for Catholic Universities, and to express my great appreciation alostlica the work that is being done in them in the various spheres of knowledge.

Et ex corde diligamus – Translation into English – examples Spanish | Reverso Context

Close cooperation between pastoral ministry in a Catholic University and the other activities within the local Church, under the guidance or with the approval of the diocesan Bishop, will contribute to their mutual growth For many years I myself was deeply enriched by the beneficial experience of university life: AAS 57p.

In its service to society, a Catholic University will relate especially to the academic, cultural cordw scientific world of the region in which it is located. Cardinal Newman describes the ideal to be sought in this cobstitucin In promoting this integration of knowledge, a forde part of a Catholic University’s task is to promote dialogue between faith and reason, so that it can be seen more profoundly how faith and reason bear harmonious witness to the unity of all truth. As such, it participates most directly in the life of the local Church in which it is situated; at the same time, because it is an academic institution and therefore a part of the international community of scholarship and inquiry, each institution participates in and contributes to the life and the mission of the universal Church, assuming consequently a special bond with the Holy See by reason of the service to constitucn which it is called to render to the whole Church.


Lay people have found in university activities a means by which they too could exercise an important apostolic role in the Church and, in most Catholic Universities today, the academic community is largely composed of laity; in increasing numbers, lay men and women are assuming important functions and responsibilities for the direction of these Institutions.

As a natural expression of the Catholic identity of the University, the university community should give a practical demonstration of its faith in its daily activity, with important moments of reflection and ecclesae prayer.

Because of their interrelated roles, dialogue between Bishops and theologians is essential; this is especially true today, when the results of research are so quickly and so widely communicated through the media University research will seek to discover the roots and causes of the serious problems of our time, constittucin special attention to their ethical and religious dimensions. The basic mission of a University is a continuous quest for truth through its research, and the preservation ecflesiae communication of knowledge for the good of society.

These men and women offer their training and experience in furthering the various academic disciplines or other university tasks. While this Document specifically concerns Catholic Universities, it is also meant to include all Catholic Institutions of higher education engaged in instilling the Gospel message of Christ in souls and cultures.

The future of Catholic Universities depends to a great extent on the competent and dedicated service of lay Catholics.

All members of the university community are to be invited to assist the work of pastoral ministry, and to collaborate in its activities. AAS 59p.

AAS 72p. In the world today, characterized by such rapid developments ecflesiae science and technology, the tasks of a Catholic University assume an ever greater importance and urgency.