THE CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE, (Act No. 5 of ). An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the procedure of the Courts of Civil. Code of Civil Procedure THIRD SCHEDULE: Execution of Decrees by Collectors- Repealed by the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act, ]. Bare Act: Code Of Civil Procedure, Code Of Civil Procedure, Index. ( RELEVANT SECTIONS). PRELIMINARY. Section Pecuniary jurisdiction.

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Since the executing court cannot travel beyond decree under execution, the said decree was held to be without jurisdiction; Kameshwar Das Gupta v. Section – Proceedings by or against representatives. VIII of E. I would like to know the latest rulings of the Supreme Court of India based on Civil Procedure Code and would like to express my happiness when I have found this website. Original documents to be produced at or before the settlement of issues Rule Section 42 renumbered as sub-section 1 thereof by Act No.

Code of Civil Procedure, (Act No. V of ).

It may be permitted to be taken into account by appellate court by means of amendment of pleadings, in order to avoid multiplicity of proceedings vpc not where such amendment could cause prejudice to vested right of plaintiff and render him remedied; Shyam Sunder v.

Appeal from final decree where no appeal from preliminary decree.

The debts due to the State are entitled to priority over all other debts; Union of India v. General power of transfer and withdrawal. Section – Enforcement of liability of surety. Proceedings by or against representatives. No decree to be reversed or modified for error or irregularity not affecting merits or jurisdiction.


Power of the Supreme Court to transfer Suits, etc. Questions objection to and allowed by Court Rule Uttar Pradesh -Sub-section 3 of section 39 shall be substituted. Service on agent by whom defendant carries on business Rule Arrest and Attachment Before Judgment. Compensatory costs in respect of false and vexatious claims or barw SectionB: Power to order discovery and the like.

Particulars of set-off to be given in written statement, Effect of set – off RuleA: Simply because another view of the evidence may be taken is no ground by the High Court to interfere in its revisional jurisdiction; Masjid Kacha Tank, Nahan v. Provided further that the High Court or the District Court shall not, under this section, vary or reverse any order, including an order deciding an issue, made in the course of a suit or other proceedings, except where,.

Procedure where person to be arrested or property to be attached is outside district.

Procedure where defendant only appears Rule Subject to such conditions and limitations as may be prescribed, the Court may, at any time, either of its own motion or on the application of any party,. Section 68 to 72 – Delegation to Collector of Power to execute decrees against immovable property [Repealed].

Section – Orders and notices to be in writing.

Civil Procedure Code (CPC) – Indian laws Bare Acts

Constitution of Rule Committees in certain States. Mis-joinder and non-joiners Rule The law is not static.


The case is about the land which is situated in a tehsil District Dpc up. Clauses a to f omitted by Act 10 ofsec.

In any second appeal, the Bxre Court may, if the evidence on the record is sufficient, determine any issue necessary for the disposal of the appeal,.

Power of Court to issue commissions Section Saving of inherent powers of Court.

Bare Act: Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908

Where a plaintiff is precluded by rules from instituting a further suit in respect of any particular cause of action, he shall not be entitled to institute a suit in respect of such cause of action in any Court to which this Code applies. A jurisdictional question if wrongly decided would not attract the principles of res judicata.

Power to transfer suits which may be instituted in more than one Court. Where defendant may be called upon to furnish security for appearance Rule Provided also that where a proceeding of the nature in which the District Court may call for the record and pass orders under this Section was pending immediately before the relevant date of commencement referred to above, in the High Court, such Court shall proceed to dispose of the same.

Exemption from arrest and personal appearance.