CSOPERATING SYSTEMS QUESTION BANK. SUB. Why is the Operating System viewed as a resource allocator & control program? 3. What is the. Dear students here we provide question bank for Anna university 4th sem Subject CS OPERATING SYSTEM question bank pdf. you can download the OS. CS/ CS 45 / CS / CS / Operating Systems Part B Question Bank With Answers CSE,IT 4th Sem Semester regulation

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What are the design goals of an Operating System? For some page replacement algorithms, the page fault rate may increase as the number of allocated frames increases. Why bwnk the bit map for file allocation be kept on mass storage rather than in main memory? List the services provided by an Operating System? What are the different types of Multiprocessing? What is Mutual Exclusion? Explain what semaphores are, their usage, implementation given to avoid busy waiting and binary operatjng.

The target thread can periodically check if it should terminate, allowing the target thread an opportunity to terminate itself in an orderly fashion.

Operating system OS CS2254 previous year question papers

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. What is the use of fork and exec system calls? At what logical location, the first byte of record N will start? Critical region is a control structure for implementing mutual exclusion over a shared variable.


What is turnaround time? An address generated by the CPU is referred as logical address. What is independent process? Soft real time systems have more limited utility than do hard real-time systems.


What are the different accessing methods of a file? Bxnk latency is the additional time waiting for the disk to rotate the desired sector to the disk head. What are the operations that can be performed on a Directory?

What are the different types of Access? In multiprocessor operatiny, failure of one processor will not halt the system, but only slow it down.

CSOperating Systems Question Bank Collection

Explain about File Sharing. How is the protection for memory provided?

cs224 Information in the file can be accessed without any particular order. What are the disadvantages of Linked Allocation?

Define Seek Time and Latency Time. What are the different Accessing Methods of a File? Calculate the effective access time.

Anna University—Engineering Chemistry 1—Important A file system must be mounted before it can be accessed. What are System Calls? What is the use of Boot Block? questioj


Searching can be stopped as soon as quewtion free hole that is big enough is found. How free-space is managed using Bit Vector Implementation? Explain about the methods used to prevent deadlocks 7. What is the main function of the memory-management unit? Eventually, the first job finishes waiting and gets the CPU back. What are the various scheduling criteria for CPU scheduling?

The system also supports a named pipe or FIFO.


What is internal fragmentation? All routines are kept on disk in a relocatable load format. Define Entry Section and Exit Section. Define seek time and latency time. What is real time system?