CSOPERATING SYSTEMS QUESTION BANK. SUB. Why is the Operating System viewed as a resource allocator & control program? 3. What is the. Dear students here we provide question bank for Anna university 4th sem Subject CS OPERATING SYSTEM question bank pdf. you can download the OS. CS/ CS 45 / CS / CS / Operating Systems Part B Question Bank With Answers CSE,IT 4th Sem Semester regulation

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What is the sequence in which resources may be utilized?

Help Center Find new research papers in: Allocate the largest hole; operzting also search entire list. What are the requirements that a solution to the critical section problem must satisfy? What is the main function of the memory-management unit? Digital Logic Circuits—Multiplexer and De-multiple A Program containing relocatable code was created, assuming it would be loaded at address 0.

Define Request Edge and Assignment Edge.

What is virtual memory? Using c the valid-invalid bit traps illegal addresses. The entire list has to be searched, unless it is sorted by size. What is turnaround time? Give two hardware instructions and their definitions which can be used for implementing Mutual Exclusion.

What are a Safe State and an Unsafe State? User mode and monitor mode are the two modes. CPU scheduling p algorithm affects only the amount of time that a process spends waiting in the ready queue.


What is a File? The short-term scheduler or CPU scheduler selects from among the process that are ready to execute, and allocates the CPU to one of them. Introduction High-level synchronization construct allows the safe sharing of an abstract data t ype among concurrent processes.

Difference between stable storage and tertiary storage. The different types of accessing a file are: Parent may terminate execution of children processes abort.


This record can be found using hashing or index techniques t p h t 9. Locality is of two types. What is the Kernel?

The locality model states that, as a bnak executes, it moves from locality to locality. Give an example of an application in which data in a file should be accessed in the following order: What is the kernel? With dynamic loading, a routine is not loaded until it is called. This graph consists of a set of vertices V and a set of edges E.

What is the principal advantage of the multiprogramming? The leftover 3 frames could be used as a free-frame buffer pool. What is a Pure Demand Paging?

CSOperating Systems Question Bank Collection

What are the most common schemes for defining the Logical Structure of a Directory? This bootstrap program tends to be simple. What is the cause of Thrashing?


Remember that frames are initially empty. Each process executing the shared data variables excludes all others from doing so simultaneously.

Operating system OS CS2254 previous year question papers

System calls provide the interface between a process and the Operating system. What is a process? The chart quickly represents how the activities of the units are serialized. When starting execution of a process with no pages in memory, the operating system sets the instruction pointer to the first instruction of the process, which is on a non-memory resident page, qquestion process immediately faults for the page.

What is an Operating System? A thread that is to be cancelled is often referred qusetion as the target thread. What are batch systems? The stub is systdm small piece of code that indicates how to locate the appropriate memory-resident library routine, or how to load the library if the routine is not already present. How can the index blocks be implemented in the Indexed Allocation Scheme?

Mention the objectives of file management system.