Unfortunately the performance of DansGuardian/Squid when first .. for rebuilding DansGuardian, see question Usage#11c in the Wiki FAQ. DansGuardian is an award winning Open Source web content filter which currently runs on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X. DansGuardian is an award winning Open Source web content filter which DansGuardian is excellent at filtering pages from the Internet as it . Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License or later.

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You can if you wish install blacklists from mesd. Added inteligent list managing so that if different filter groups use the same file they will share one copy of it. If that username doesn’t appear anywhere in your configuration, the user will be assigned to default filter group f1. Users may either skip around your whole DansGuardian system entirely, or they may skip around the first half and access your back-end proxy directly.

This document can’t be more specific because there are so many many parameters that have at least some effect on memory usage, and every installation is different. Generated on Mon Dec 31 But saying so every time would make this document even longer. With Squid out of the way, we can finally get on to the filter, DansGuardian. With only local blacklists —but no OpenDNS— you’re relying very heavily on DansGuardian’s content filter mechanism to forbid the use of proxies.

Maximum Size of file allowed to be uploaded default is -1 no restrictions or enter a size in kb’s eg.



Basically all you need to do is the following: You must have some sort of authentication to be able to map users to a group. DansGuardian is frequently paired with either Tinyproxy or Oops! Edit them as you see fit.

The few parts that are 2. Initially, increase or decrease all the …children parameters proportionally, maintaining roughly the same ratio between them as they had with their default values. You can download a rpm from dungog. Please make sure all tests pass before making a pull request.

Dansguardian-panel – SME Server

Operating with a mixture of authenticated and unauthenticated users might uncover some uncommon oddities in DansGuardian. Dansugardian was a patch to version 2. A common question, particularly with NTLM authentication or in AD environments, is if it’s possible to use the groupname rather than the username to assign each request to the appropriate filter group. Rather, the algorithms figure that if a certain threshold of dirty words is reached on a page, odcumentation are there are also pornographic visual materials on the page and the page is therefore blocked.

In an all-Windows environment where every user has a login even if they never use ituse NTLM authentication. You can also use this file to make your filter a whitelist.

Simply find all the. The DansGuardian default configuration is set up to use only a single blacklist subscription, but this is simply a convenience default rather than a requirement.

But doing so would affect all traffic to the Internet, not just web traffic, which is inappropriate in most situations. We have had to manually add blocks to pages for Arabic- and Odcumentation porn that made it through the filter. First create create additional directories as necessary:. Some implementations of some RAID options are very fast, and these can sometimes be helpful.


To keep your setup uncomplicated you could use two groups. Check that in dansguardian.

Ubuntu Hardy and DansGuardian, Page 6 – Configuring DansGuardian

DansGuardian will work perfectly well without any blacklists, but it may require faster hardware to serve fewer users. This is an instance of DansguardianDeniedAction:: The limitation of maxchildren is built in actually it’s a restriction of the select system call and the Posix standard and can’t be changed easily.

And even that probably won’t need to be done very often. It’s typically either a Linux shell script or a Perl dansguafdian and may be specifically constructed for each site. Now try to go to www.

Affects a user when the documentatipn access method socumentation set to Pam Auth, see the next section for details, This is set by selecting a SME group. You can make it very easy for any administrator to find the appropriate configuration file by making these tags for blacklist files simply list the parent directory name pets, phishing, porn, proxy, etc.

Each weighted phrase is given a value either positive or negative and the values added up.

If you have solved a problem with DansGuardian, please help others by contributing. This is a well known behavior; it does not indicate either that you’re hallucinating or that you need a different tool.