Game: Dezzavold: Fortress of the Drow Publisher: Green Ronin Series: d20 Reviewer: Wyrdmaster Review Dated: 5th, January This is a generic fantasy game setting that could be dropped into any campaign. From the publisher: “Dezzavold: Fortress of the Drow, Green Ronin’s companion . Dezzavold: Fortress of the Drow, Green Ronin’s companion book to Plot & Poison : A Guidebook to Drow, fully details a dark elf settlement, with professional.

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Fortress of the Drow Publisher: Village of the Wood Elves.

One of my grumbles about Corwyl is that it was fairly heavily entwined with Drow plot. This does not mean that all Drow books are boring.

One of the best supplements for the dark elves is Plot and Poison. Dezzavold uses a pantheon of Drow gods introduced by the core supplement and makes heavy use of new races, notably the Drey, also introduced in the supplement. I suspect most readers will be able to use Dezzavold without any other support. As required by International Law this d20 supplement has new prestige classes and feats.

Dezzavold: Fortress of the Drow

There are two new core classes too. The first new core class is the Black Heart — described as an unholy barbarian. The class is a mix of barbarian and cleric.

If all raging warriors in a campaign world were unholy cultists then the Black Heart would be a great alternative to the barbarian class. The Netherstrider seems more like a race than a class. Netherstriders are hairy, savage and fanged people who have become feral underground dwellers.


Dezzavold – Fortress of the Drow

The prestige classes are on firmer ground. The Demonican is a dangerous dezzavld class which specialises in not just summoning Outsiders but reducing them to energy and placing it in gems.

Having trapped the Outsider the Demonican can then tap and wield their energy. The Discordants are Drow who use deception and infiltration to sew chaos and inflict vortress of sabotage. The Huzzlatarr are hunters, zealot elves who track and destroy Drow.

There are new monsters too. Monsters like the Mithral Guardian Spiders which are constructed to protect key areas in Drow empires. There are several pages of cartography and this includes a double page spread for the city of Dezzavold.

Unlike the high quality illustrations the map work in this supplement is mediocre. Dezzavold benefits from usual Green Ronin successes.

The layout is good. They were expelled from a city below where they built Dezzavold but where granted a strange stay of execution. The minute their queen died that stay was lifted and a rival Drow house attacked. This attack forced the Drow of Dezzvold to hire mercenaries.

It also inspired the initial and ill-fated approach to Corwyl. The war with Corwyl made matters worse. Fortunately for Dezzavold their Drow rivals were distracted and then defeated thee an invading Formorian army. Unfortunately for Dezzavold one harsh band of foortress they had hired to defend the fortresses betrayed them and took control of the city.

The Black Heart now controls Dezzavold more harshly than most Drow queens would. The Black Heart are mainly Drey.

Here we have a plot set up where Drow PCs can plot to overthrow an especially harsh regime and one which followers neither the Spider Queen nor the less harsh Goddess which fortress Dezzavold erow followed. I like the way Dezzavold stacks into Corwyl and the class books from Green Ronin. I also see Dezzavold as the last of the add ons in the set of four and as some compensation for the fact that Corwyl is entangled with Drow in the first place.


The main reason to pick up Dezzavold is to complete the set or to keep the set going if when Green Ronin release more. The Black Heart, for example, make most sense if vezzavold use the mythos introduced in Plot and Poison. E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another.

Dezzavold: Fortress of the Drow by Christina Stiles | LibraryThing

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Dezzavold: Fortress of the Drow by Christina Stiles

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