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Un especialista competente y bien capacitado puede descubrir aquellos factores que causan la enfermedad en los seres humanos. Albert Abrams de San Francisco y desde entonces varios investigadores han dimensipnes muchos avances, tales como Ruth Drown, George de la Warr, T. A este campo sutil no se puede tener acceso por medio de nuestros sentidos convencionales. El consentimiento puede ser cancelado en cualquier momento.

Se requiere de profundos estudios para comprender este campo. Se utiliza un instrumento especial que ayuda al especialista a enfocar sus pensamientos. Si se ha padecido la enfermedad durante ds tiempo prolongado, pueden ser necesarios varios meses de tratamiento.

Esta ciencia en desarrollo proporciona una nueva forma de comprender radjonica gran alcance potencial que tiene fadionica conciencia humana y las capacidades ocultas del ser humano multidimencional.

No hay una fuga en los recursos naturales ni efectos colaterales indeseados. In the past few issues of The Homoeopath, there have been a number of references to dowsing. Previous to this, the readership may have been surprised to discover that no less a person than Edward Whitmont would test his remedy selection by stroking a glass rod across the abdomen of his patient, looking for the reaction which would confirm its suitability see tribute from Dana Ullman, issue 72, winter Since its beginnings about years ago, the relatively obscure science of Radionics has utilized various dowsing techniques, 2 not only to detect disease states but also to identify and apply appropriate therapies.

Homoeopathic remedies are widely used in radionicsand some seminal personalities such as John Damonte in the present development of homoeopathy in Britain were also radionics practitioners. In this essay, I will give a brief overview of radionics and how radionic techniques may be of assistance in homoeopathic prescribing and also al our understanding of what remedies are and how they work.

A highly qualified conventional practitioner with an illustrious career and also the advantage of a substantial private fortune, Abrams was able to pursue his researches without reliance dimenwiones outside funding. Like Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, he was a master of observation and a tireless experimenter and truth-seeker – attributes which eventually led him to make discoveries which brought considerable opprobrium from the medical establishment of the day.

Like fadionica many of these outstanding figures, he was also capable of making inspired leaps of judgment. This reaction would manifest by means of a muscle reflex which could be detected by percussing the abdominal wall. Alternatively, Abrams found that drawing a glass rod across the abdomen could also be used to localize the point of response. Different radionkca produced reactions in different parts of the abdomen, and, as Abrams noted, “drugs in homoeopathic dilutions can be detected and identified by the stomach reflex”, which suggested a unique diagnostic method.


He then proceeded to develop a technique which placed a person known as “the Subject”with abdomen bared, in series with a patient, i. He could then diagnose by testing on the healthy subject for response to disease conditions in the patient. Abrams later discovered that certain diseases produced reactions in the same muscle groups, which neatly threw his method off the rails until he hit upon the idea of placing a variable potentiometer i.

Settings of the potentiometer would be found which were unique to each disease, thus making it possible to diagnose a wide range of conditions. He finally discovered that he could work without any form of linking wire between himself and the sample, but not over a distance of more than a mile.

From these basic elements – the reflex muscle reaction to the stimulus of an external energy field, the substitution of a sample from the patient for the patient himself, the creation of a unique value representing a disease or other energy factor, and the possibility of working at a distance – is formed radionics as we know it today. From the accounts I have read, she was clearly another remarkable figure.

Probably as a consequence of her successes and unwillingness to toe the line, the establishment persecuted her to the point of trial and eventual brief imprisonment. In fact, as a result of the Drown trial init remains basically illegal, I believe, to practice radionics in the USA.

Drown redesigned the diagnostic instrument into a compact system which gave greater flexibility and extended range. Her new designs, incorporating a number of potentiometers in series, also allowed longer sequences of numerical values to be created, which enabled her to assemble an atlas of rates covering most of the structures in the human body, many disease types, poisons and toxins, and a range of other factors including emotional states. Drown sought to define perfect structures, to measure the degree of deviation from perfection and then to rectify any imbalances or deficiencies.

Thus, very simply, her rate for the liver is 48; this would be set on the instrument and the deviation from zero tested. Any significant reading would indicate a problem either in the liver or elsewhere in the body which was affecting the liver.

Her principal treatment method was to feed the “perfect” rate back to the respective diseased location in the patient, either by wires or remotely – the idea being that as new cells were created, they would be healthy and would replace the diseased structures. According to the information available, she claimed many successes. She also placed a priority on treating the endocrine system, and, as radionics emerges as a system of treatment on the dynamic plane, I will show how this ties in with the analysis of the subtle anatomy which has come to dominate present-day radionics, at least in the UK.

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It was no longer necessary for the patient to be present. Incidentally, the term “broadcasting” is descriptive but probably inaccurate, as no radio or television technology is involved. Whatever the mechanism, there is no doubt in my mind that treatment-at-a-distance works, whether one is broadcasting homoeopathic remedies, radionic i.

LINUX & UNIX Shell Programming – David Tansley – Häftad () | Bokus

Substance itself cannot be broadcast – at least not yet, as far as I know; otherwise we would be in the realm of the matter transporters which form such an integral part of Star Trek technology. It would seem from the present-day position that virtually anything can be represented by a radionic rate, and this of course includes the entire Materia Medica.

It is even possible, in principle, to find rates for remedies which we do not yet have or which are too dangerous to handle, such as radioactive materials. Drown was also very involved in esoteric studies, notably of the Kabbala – which amongst other things attempts to explain the underlying structure of reality through the relationships between numbers – and she thus sought to find meaning in the radionic rates through kabbalistic interpretation.

Whatever the result of this, she also thought that energy flowed from the universe into the human system via the brain, and that proper distribution of this energy was essential to healthy functioning; in other words, this was a move away from a purely physical conception of health and disease. Most of their work was done in the UK between approximately and Tansley, a chiropractor, had spent many years studying the writings of Alice Bailey and drew heavily on her concepts of esoteric anatomy and psychology in introducing a new diagnostic system which reoriented the focus of radionic analysis away from the material plane of organ functions and pathology and towards causation within the human energy or subtle body.

I might add that, as the years have gone by, various of these concepts have become commonplace, but during the period the books were written,they must have seemed like the last word in arcane obscurity. Bailey proposed a model of ultimate reality as being comprised of seven planes of energy, each with its concomitant forms of consciousness. Each plane is comprised of seven sub-planes of increasing quality and fineness, the whole blending into a continuum.

Each of these planes also manifests in us as a corresponding energy body, e. Briefly, the 7th plane is the Physical, which is subdivided into the solid physical, then liquids, then gases, then four superior levels of etheric matter. It is the energy prana of the Etheric plane which vitalizes the physical form. Tansley states that the “miasms” reside in the etheric body, and that when activated by an appropriate morbific stimulus they will taint the energy reaching the physical body, with results that Hahnemann described at length.

Hahnemann spent 12 years trying to understand why chronic disease exists, and concluded there must be some underlying disturbance which interferes with the vital force, producing chronic disease symptoms.

Such miasms can be inherited or acquired. I should also note that energy is also distributed through the etheric body via a system of pathways known as nadis, and it may be considered that these in turn externalize as the nervous system. The 6th plane is the Astral or Emotional – the seat of emotions, desire and illusion, and also, with the Etheric, the place of origin of the greater number of diseases.

The 5th plane is the Manasic or Mentalthe plane of mind, which ranges from concrete rational knowledge on its lower subplanes through to spiritual knowledge on its higher levels. For the purposes of this article, it is not necessary to deal with the four higher planes – Buddhic IntuitionalAtmic SpiritualMonadic and Logoic – as they are not involved with the disease process.

The link point between the transpersonal self and the personality is the higher ego or causal body.

This is the vehicle found on the Mental plane, through which the individual manifests his or her purpose in existence. It dimnesiones primarily friction resulting from conflict between the different objectives of the higher and lower selves which creates illness and hence most of the illnesses of humanity.

Poder de La Mente2000 Radionica

Embedded in the subtle bodies are a number of energy transmission and circulation centers known as chakras, which have their counterpart on each plane. As the individual develops and consciousness reaches a higher level, so the chakras “open” and become receptive to energy flowing from higher and higher sources.

Radionic analysis is principally concerned with the seven major chakras – the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown – although certain minor chakras, such as the Spleen, are often taken into consideration.

Each of these chakras, in turn, externalizes as one of the endocrine glands, e. Seen in this context, the physical human is a precipitation of higher energies into form, and, as such, the quality of each structure, physical or subtle, will reflect the quality of the energy which has reached it.

To put it another way, each structure will condition the energy flowing through it; hence, for example, the miasm in the etheric body taints the energy to produce some form of illness in the physical. Energy must flow freely through all of these systems into the physical body to make for the healthy human, and any disturbances of the subtle body will tend to interrupt the flow at some point and will be reflected in mental, emotional or physical symptoms of some nature.


Thus, the objective of radionic diagnosis is to find the energy disturbance at its source, if possible, and treat it appropriately. As I have noted, virtually anything can be represented by a radionic rate, and radionics is truly an open-ended system which enables a vast range of energy qualities and relationships to be studied.

The first step in radionic medical analysis is to discover the location, type and, if possible, reason for any deviation from proper function.

The second step is to establish the nature of the relationship between the patient and an energy factor – for instance, the homoeopathic remedy – which may be used to correct the problem. The influence or presence of miasms and the effects of: Again, each practitioner will tend to vary the basics according to his or her knowledge and experience.

Radionics is not simply a “dumb” process of watching a pendulum move, as the key factor lies in knowing which questions to ask and how to interpret the responses.

It should be apparent that both diagnosis and treatment are highly individualized, as in homoeopathy. I suggest that the system of subtle bodies and chakras constitutes a model of the dynamis, or perhaps a model of what the life force must flow through as, by diimensiones, electricity flows through a circuit in order to result in a state of health in the individual; and that radionic methods can give the practitioner additional information to help the diagnosis and prescription and can even detect diseases before they manifest in the form of symptoms.

Homoeopaths use the word “stuck” when talking radioica cases, and another way of looking at the problem is to find out where the energy is stuck. In case-taking, we have the verbal description by the patient to guide us. In radionic analysis, we use a structured method of dowsing to locate the points where the energy is blocked. The description of the symptom by the patient, I have to suppose, is how he verbalizes the symptoms dimesniones experiences as a result of the blocks in his subtle anatomy.

Using radionic methods, which work via a certain human sensibility which has not yet been properly explained, we have the possibility of finding the name of the energy remedy by dowsing. The problem with working from symptoms can be that the patient may not give you all of them, or may not remember dw things which happened, or may not consider certain things as being relevant or important enough to tell you, or perhaps the practitioner may misinterpret them.

Consequently, you may never find the key to the case or you may give any number of what you think are well-selected remedies without useful results because you are missing a vital part of the picture.

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Clearly, many successful homoeopathic prescriptions are made which bring about fantastic results, but just as clearly there are many failed prescriptions where cases are not resolved because a suitable remedy is not identified.

Although some cases will indeed not be curable – for example, because of excessive medical drugging or gross pathology which has gone too far to be repaired – in general, these failures cannot be a failure of the principles of homoeopathy because, given such circumstances, the “law of similars” could not be a law but a guideline. This is not good, because we deeply desire homoeopathy to be, and to be shown to be, successful on its own terms, e.

There is a further test which is possible with radionic techniques, which is that the effect of the selected remedy can be checked before it is administered to the patient. Abrams discovered that “a sample of quinine gave exactly the same reactions on the subject as malaria”; if he tested the blood of a malarial patient with a few grains of quinine, he could obtain no reaction at all.

To put it another way, a hair sample provides a link with the energy field of the patient; when you introduce the radionic rate or ratio card or sample of the remedy itself into that field, you are mixing the two together in some way.

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As I have stated, analysis and treatment in radionics are often performed when the patient is elsewhere, possibly even on the other side of the planet. Although I found these ideas fantastical at first, practical application has shown that diagnosing and treating at a distance does work. You can give someone a remedy by setting up the instrument appropriately, and they will receive it as if they had taken it by mouth.

I can see that this will be a very disturbing idea to some readers, but I would like to look at it from another angle. Since its beginnings, homoeopathy has been attacked by the medical establishment and even now is not really accepted in many quarters. It should also be noted that remedy manufacture is a very small industry when compared with the turnover of the major drug companies and is therefore no real threat to share prices and can be ignored.

This sword, however, cuts two ways: