Ensayo General de La Comunicación Piñuel y Lozano – Download as PDF File . pdf) or read online. Thomas L. Friedman. Bad Feminist: Essays Joseph Kanon Estudio sobre la cultura y las identidades sociales Gilberto Gimenez. Ensayo general sobre la comunicación by José Luis Piñuel Raigada(Book) 6 editions published in in Spanish and held by 43 WorldCat member libraries . Body of Knowledge Ensayo general sobre la comunicación by José Luis Piñuel; Carlos Lozano Abstract: La presente obra es una aventura intelectual que.

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According to David H.

Piñuel Raigada, José Luis [WorldCat Identities]

Public external to the service offered by the company or institution. The virtues of these professional communicators are seen as inherent capacities, just like the courage that is presupposed in the soldier, without accepting the possibility that beyond the truth enssayo the discourse preached about the professionals, or preached by the professionals about themselves, there is another truth, a truth that is made-up, even the truth that -given any fate or coincidence- can also can identified in the discourse.

If it seems easy to understand the duty dictated by the utilitarianism or the memory of the community, one should wonder the reason why the professional responsibility is derived from the acts evaluated from a virtue epistemology and an ethical code. The expressions of the press discourse are diversified to refer to various aspects of the communication system that they address.

This is the reason it is very important to analyse the structure of these events, which are collected, represented and regulated according to this dominance of historical existence which, day after day, constructs the accounts of the current state of the world in the media, whose social product is the service offered by journalism. As figure 1 shows: However, the advertising weight of the organization in the medium and the weight of the image or brand that generzl organization represents are priorities.

The relevance of the on-going events reported by the media on the activity that they themselves develop is represented as an event that must be taken into account, as a finished activity, by resorting to the existential modality, i.


La Laguna Tenerife, Canary Islands: A journalist from the publishing medium. The DelphiI technique was applied to 17 press managers from various social organisations large companies, governmental bodies, trade unions and other public and private institutions over three rounds of communication exchanges, via e-mail, about the relations between the organisations as a source of information, and the media as the disseminators of news.

Once this differentiation has been established, the model proposes that the historic changes of the communication systems CS can only be explained by examining the relations of openness that such system maintains with other two general systems, the social system of production SS and the ecologic-cognitive system ESaccording to the personal conditions of the individuals, and whose specific inventory of generic components and internal relations structural and functional is also provided piurl such model Cf.

That being said, it is not the law but the tradition what regulates the practices. The discourse that the media turn into hegemonic transforms the conditions of truth and reality of the events to which the press managers are linked.

The answers of the 11 press managers who answered this third round were surprisingly similar to and confirmatory of the results obtained in the content analysis: Press Managers Producers Dealers Consumers. The news events revolving around social communication as a theme of the media agenda.

The events revolving around the subject of social communication as an agenda item. Then, analysing the media discourses that make reference to the activity of the media themselves constitutes a primary and strategic objective. And the media usually opt for not serving private interests. This always happens, with the exception of the circumstances in which the exceptional interest of the news item recommends that the publication should not be limited to the usual sections.

If we take into account the headlines, in table 4 we can see that over half of the total have been written trying to appealing to the existential modality, i. On the other hand, in general, this praxis is based —among journalists-more on historically-based collective judgments than on written rules and norms.

As indicated in table 2, each of these aspects that the press talks about refers in turn to what is being said, what happens, what is done, or what is silenced:.


The concept of agenda setting has synthesised a large number of theoretical efforts trying to describe the influence and effects that the instrumentation of the media has on audiences. The hypertrophy of the reference in the media groups.

In Daniel Quesada Coord. Generally, it has been argued that communicating the truth has always ehsayo one of the great aspirations of human honesty and integrity, which poses an ethical problem that acquires a major social importance when the truth is demanded to the communication produced by the media article 20 of the Spanish Constitution.

Piñuel Raigada, José Luis

And finally, this was the distribution of answers to the question, “Does this valuation changes depending on the type of news, the type of puiel, or the personality of the journalist? This article explores whether the production of communication by the media industries oriented to meet its public service function, at the moment of selecting current themes that are subjected to the criteria of the agenda agenda setting theory and presenting them in accordance to approaches or perspectives of strategic interest to increase the credibility of the discourse and its actors framing theory.

The discourse devoid of epistemes predominates, followed by the discourse criticising the correctness of some journalistic practices, such as the right or wrong dichotomy. If we take into account the alternatives that are relative to the keys of meaning in the stories in the press, it is possible to examine the following types, whose frequency of appearance is shown in table 9.

Issues, Images and Interest. An introduction to the Philosophy of Communication. Now, as we have pointed out, the communicators are accustomed to comparatively assess their colleagues by setting their criteria according to certain principles that are regulatory of their activity gejeral the reliability exhibited by the assessed communicators in their discursive productions.

Director of the company or institution.