You can also check the Adobe Flex 4 Livedocs for that particular host component’s class documentation to see the required skin parts, skin. Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 final releases were released on 3/22/! and (as well as some Flex 4 beta. At work, I wanted to review some information on the Adobe Flex 4 LiveDocs help documentation and had a lot of trouble finding it online.

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No matter what I do, I cant seem to get the background graphic stretching to fill the entire page — it just stretches to fill the content, which doesnt usually fill the entire screen I want it to go all the way down to the bottom of the page. Open Source Media Framework 2. The StringHelper class has the following methods: Unicode values are defined in the Unicode Character Database specification. Please feel free to comment with your favorites!

For instance, it may generate your FXG for a drawn border using the Path FXG object based on what you drew that you can use without having to figure all the specific points out. July 7th, at In the following example, all instance of “sh” are replaced because the g global flag is set in the regular expression and the matches are not case-sensitive because the i ignoreCase flag is set:.

Holly Schinsky wrote a blog post describing this initial wave of samples. We value your opinions and appreciate your help in making Attest a success! Detailed information about this can be found here. The screenshot is shown first followed by the source code for the custom skin and Flex app: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. AS3 function substring startIndex: It should be horizontal at top.

Or NaN if the index is outside the range of this string’s indices.


Wed Nov 21 Just rename it and modify it to your flrx. June 14, at 6: The lastIndex property of the regular expression is set to 0 after the method completes. At work, I wanted to review some information on the Adobe Flex 4 LiveDocs help documentation and had a lot lovedocs trouble finding it online. While working on the Tour de Flex samples for Flex 4, I spent some time digging into the new Flex 4 Skinning Architecture and found that I could do some really cool stuff with it.

About the Author Author Profile. Valid values for endIndex are 0 through Livesocs. Getting an error that addElement is not a valid method call to titleBar.

String – AS3

This is a quick and easy way to understand specifically which skin parts are defined as well. Ray is using a ViewNavigatorApplication so yours will be a bit different but let me know if that helps. And the screen shot of the above code: If the value of startIndex is luvedocs than the value of endIndexthe parameters are automatically swapped before the function executes. Appends the supplied arguments to the end of the String object, converting them to strings if necessary, and returns the resulting string.

But I cant get data binding in the skin to work for the source parameter of the s: To get the very latest SDK and docs, check here for nightly builds.

If you want livdeocs image to actually fill in the entire space of the app, then you could use something like this: I would also highly recommend spending some time going through the source code in the Flex 4 SDK to understand the architecture better.

Flex 4 Resources – Samples and Links! | Devgirl’s Weblog

If the original string value comes after otherthe return value is a positive integer, the absolute value of which represents the number of characters that separates the two string values.


Devgirl’s Weblog Trials and tribulations of software development. I used to add lots of external illustrations and images to match the scheme of an application earlier, but i guess, this would definitely reduce the efforts provided i get familiar with skins.

If the delimiter parameter is a regular expression, only the first match at a given position of the string is considered, even if backtracking could find a nonempty substring match at that position.

Sizing issues are currently being worked on. The ability to base a property of an object off a dynamically changing value is a benefit of data binding that is often unknown or overlooked by Flex developers. The examples above are just simple code snippets to show you the options available beyond what might be in the Adobe docs.

An integer specifying the number of characters in the specified String object. Note that if you specify a regular expression, the method ignores the global flag “g” of the regular expression, and it ignores the lastIndex property of the regular expression and leaves it unmodified.

September 26, at Array Splits a String object into an array of substrings by dividing it wherever the specified delimiter parameter occurs. Because string literals use less overhead than String objects and are generally easier to use, you should use string literals instead of the String class unless you have a good reason fpex use a String object rather than a string literal. Take a moment and let us know what you think! Archive for Adobe Flex. This site uses cookies.

Returns String — The string value of the specified Unicode character codes. Adobe Flex 4 Documentation: