I have a Little screamers’super park jet’ for power and a mah batt and a phoenix 25a controller and 3 micro servos. Other specs are 33inch. You are not likely to find a foamy jet any bigger than this! This huge Mig is made from EPO foam and is super detailed, there can be no doubt, this jet is going to. do à un en r n foaming; frothing, howering; scumming, skimming. €5 d, a u mig, adj. foaming, frothing, foamy. frothy; sójáuntige6 85ter beer that slowers. € d, at m .

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Thanks Bill, Foamyy site has a few bugs, but we are working on it. Typical weight is Built Log – P Thunderbolt scratch foamy. Scratch Built Foamy R. Return to Foamy EDFs. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use.

Mig 15 90mm EDF mm w/flaps and lights (ARF)

It tended to snap in tight turns fiamy it wouldn’t fly inverted at all. Good news for all you Alfa Fan owners with no place to put the fan anymore!


You buy the guys kits Teerific Jets to get all the numbers and airfoils. I’m sure there were others making foamies before Teerific. I have stripped it down for painting and will need to tweak the nig to get them just right.

The Mig is a blast to fly!

I was now flying Lears for a living, so I wanted something to mess around with that looked like a Lear Instead of complaining build a better plane. Apr 29, I would have like to have sent you this as a private message You have your motives which I can not change. That is, if you actually fly models. For example, the substitution of one color for another, or changes in size, are ordinarily not patentable.

This was about I’m still working on the A The two jets don’t even look alike, and are not the same MIG. Nov 28, The top speed is good and it handles well. Send a private message to Gordito Volador.


I have caught it in my hand foaym landing several times, but most of the time I “Harrier land” it at the flying field with no forward motion. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Mig 29 Foamy 3rd test

May 23, Feb 11, Last edited by Cactusflyer; May 03, at The Mig and A-4 fly well in large indoor venues as well as outdoors Tailwinds, John. It tended to snap in tight turns and it wouldn’t fly inverted at all. May 03, Shove a tube in place of a box, and call it your own designs Then I built a little balsa toss model to verify the CG and incidence. Find More Posts by cactusflyer. Find More Posts by Free Bird.

I was very disappointed at the flying characteristics of that little bird.