The Lost Empire of Atlantis: History’s Greatest Mystery Revealed [Gavin Menzies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Tremendous. This guy. Ex-submariner Gavin Menzies attracted global attention with his eye-catching farragos “” and “”, books laying out how he imagined. Given the fevered nature of most works on Atlantis, it is slightly alarming to read this sentence: “In , as captain of the submarine HMS.

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As it is, my dad bought me this one for Christmas a few years ago and I’ll fo wind up reading it because I would feel insanely guilty for getting rid of it without at least trying — it’s a brand new hardcover.

America and brought it back to make bronze requires that they have the ability to navigate the Atlantic reliably. Interesting theory Quite enjoyed this.

Altogether, though, I get the impression of a very bright kid with very short attention span: There was a problem adding your email address. His theory seems pretty solid and at no point was he self righteous or arrogant about it, major bonus points.

Last year the Portuguese theory was still just a theory:. This one is not as well written as some of his other books.

They were master shipbuilders, sailors, mathematicians, atlamtis and navigators, and they gathered tin from England mezies copper from mines around Lake Superior, from which they crafted the bronze tools found later in many relevant sites.

Aug 27, Meredith rated it liked it. It covers a lot of the same territory, but in a much more compelling way. They falsified the dismissive remarks of reputable historians to make them supportive and pasted them on the front cover.

The Lost Empire of Atlantis: History’s Greatest Mystery Revealed by Gavin Menzies

Mad as a Snake or a Visionary? By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. However, if it is accurate, the case is compelling.

Menzies was clearly hit by a flash of inspiration, partly divine, partly mad, and just went with it. This site uses cookies: As, in the present case, nothing in my own research offers support for the views of Rich Santacoloma, but at the same time, I am perfectly prepared for the possibility that time will prove his views correct. Ultimately, history when done properly is very rarely about grand questions let alone grand answers: Archived from the original on 17 December George Stebbing-Allen on August 7, at 2: I thought the subject was pretty interesting, and I appreciate how Menzies’ particular background naval allows him to make convincing arguments about ancient water travel.


The book would have been stronger if it stuck to the science, been more rigorous and objective, and stopped straying into the world of conspiracy theory. I found the book to be an entertaining read. His story and passion is delightful. I want to see more proof.

Unfortunately, Menzies tends to get sidetracked, and meanders about talking about his personal travel experiences. Open Preview See a Problem? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Untold Story of the Peopling of the Americas In pretty much every chapter, Menzies jumps on a plane or boat with his wife Marcella to some vaguely-connected place, looks out of a hotel window while musing to himself on how much it had all changed since he had last visited it while still in the Royal Navy, and then trolls round a local museum or historical site, where he is suddenly struck by the ineffable kindness of the ancients to have left him yet another glaringly obvious clue to add to his list — another cookie crumb in his global trail.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This book follows the fashion of placing Atlantis in the Mediterranean. I had also read about how it is assumed that Atlantis might have been there, before the mighty volcanic eruption ended it all.

This ultimately leaves Lost Empire as a slight book, albeit one padded to length by his travelogue detailing his This book is not nearly as rigorously researched as I had hoped it would be. I will be reading it again, to absorb it better, and maybe do some other related reading as well, to understand it better.


It certainly aylantis more research and investigation as it has the potential to re write our knowledge of prehistory. And maybe if someone with a better grasp of history read it, they could tell me how much of it is fiction and how much could be reality? If I wanted to look something up on a website, I would search for information online, not read a book.

Review: Gavin Menzies’ “The Lost Empire of Atlantis” – Cipher Mysteries

That said, conspiracy theorists would enjoy this one. When I got my hands on it finally, it was amazing how the book took hold of me. Mar 31, JBradford rated it liked it.

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The Lost Empire of Atlantis: History’s Greatest Mystery Revealed

It left me wanting more, at the end of the book. Gregg on January 22, at 7: First off, hats of to this guy.

As it happened the engineer, Rene Davidson, was president of the local historical society and he said the ruins were well known as the remains of early settlers the Imlay brothers. Employing the research of many scholars, the self-confidence of a rock star, the zeal of a True Believer and a travel budget sufficient to make Marco Polo and Henry Stanley glow an envious green, Menzies, who served in the Royal Navy, begins his tale on Crete, where he and his wife went for a mdnzies vacation.

Gavin Menzies

Interesting and entertaining premise that the Mediterranean Minoan culture, which flourished circa 2, B. Anyone interested in the history of Atlantis would greatly appreciate this book. So we don’t really have much to go on in terms atlxntis contemporaneously recorded they had an alphabet accounts of the Minoan’s exploits and achievements.