A solid grasp of the main themes and arguments of the seventeenth century philosopher Rene Descartes is an essential tool towards understanding modern . Descartes: An Analytical and Historical Introduction. Front Cover. Georges Dicker . Oxford University Press, – Philosophy – pages. Descartes. This page intentionally left blank. Descartes An Analytical and Historical Introduction. SECOND EDITION. GEORGES DICKER. 1. Oxford University.

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Oxford University Press Punyesh rated it really liked it Nov 30, Clear and accessible, this new book serves as an introduction to Descartes’s ideas for undergraduates and as a sophisticated companion to his Meditations deescartes more advanced readers. Descartes on the Nature of the Material World 4.

The book is useful as a teaching tool because of its clarity and accessibility. Refresh and try again. Dicker gives georgrs thorough commentary on the Meditations in First Philosophy, reconstructing the arguments of D I first used this book in graduate school and determined at the time that I would get my own copy, which I never did, as I headed off into ministry.

Logan Schutts rated it really liked it Feb 08, Books by Georges Dicker. Berkeley’s Idealism Georges Dicker.


Descartes: An Analytical and Historical Introduction by Georges Dicker

Berkeley’s Idealism Georges Dicker. A Problem for the Cogito 4. Meditation I and the Method of Doubt 1. I have read the first edition which is quite old now published intry to get the Second Ed. Ali marked it as to-read Descarets 07, Descartes’s “I am thinking, therefore I exist. Jobber added it Sep 15, Choose your country or region Close. The Cartesian Doubt 3.

Harald rated it really liked it Aug 20, Oct 25, E. Science Logic and Mathematics. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Dualism and the Problem of Interaction 6. Dualism and the Material World 1. Descarrtes rated it liked it Sep 13, The scope of Meditation VI 2.

Dicker offers his own assessments of the Cartesian Doubt, the cogitothe causal and ontological proofs of God’s existence, Cartesian freedom and theodicy, Cartesian Dualism, and Descartes’s views about the existence and nature of the material world.

R added it Nov 01, It also delves into the work’s historical background and critical reception. A solid grasp of the main themes and arguments of the seventeenth-century philosopher Ren Descartes is essential for understanding modern thought, and a necessary entre to the work of the Empiricists and Immanuel Kant.


This descattes edition of Georges Dicker’s commentary on Descartes’s masterpiece, Meditations on First Philosophyfeatures a new chapter on the Fourth Meditation and improved treatments of the famous cogito ergo sum and the notorious problem of the Cartesian Circle, among numerous other improvements and updates. Lucas Stewart marked it dicksr to-read Dec 06, Descartes’s Conception of the Self The Certainty of One’s Own Thoughts 3.

Descartes: An Analytical and Historical Introduction

Descartes’ Dualism Gordon P. Lists with This Book. This is a valuable for resource for anyone wanting to understand Descartes better. It is also crucial to the study of contemporary epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of mind.

It also delves into the work’s historical background and critical reception. Cartesian Dualism Notes 3. Error and evil 6. Ben Overby marked it as to-read Mar 10,