The Gesta Hungarorum of the Anonymous Notary of King Béla is the oldest extant The author of the Gesta, known historically as the Anonymus (always thus). The Romanians in the Anonymous Gesta Hungarorum. Truth and Fiction, Centrul de Studii Transilvane (Bibliotheca Rerum Transsilvaniae, XXXIV) Cluj-Napoca. Written between , the Gesta Hungarorum is an ingenious and imaginative historical fiction of prehistory, medieval history and contemporary social.

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File:Gesta Hungarorum – Wikimedia Commons

These sources do not speak about Romani or Pannoni the name that we expect to be used for the gedta, by analogy with Galli, Hungaarorum, Itali etc. Description Table of contents Reviews How to Order. Transylvania in the medieval Hungarian Kingdom — —1. There they prepared seven earthen fortresses for their wives and for the preservation of their goods, remaining there for some time. Quia omnes habitatores timebant eos ultra quam dici potest, eo gestq audiuerant almum ducem patrem arpadij a geonere atthile regis descendisse.

Shepherding was the main occupa- tion of the medieval Romanians. Gelou uero dux ultra siluanis audiens aduentum eius, congregauit exercitum suum et cepit uelocissimo cursu equitare obuiam ei ut eum per portas mezesinas prohiberet. Many researchers have supposed that they were students in Paris. Summary Description Gesta Hungarorum Anonymous. These new masters of Pannonia withdrew inbut their place was taken by the Gepids, who settled the Sirmium region.

Tunc hij tres domini super uerticem eiusdem montis terram undique perspicientes, quantum humanus hungaroorum ualet, ultra quam dici potest dilexerunt et in eodem loco paganisimo, occiso equo pinguissimo magnum aldamas fecerunt.

Kolozs was denied by N.

InEmperor Anastasius was forced to give to Theo- doric the city of Sirmium and most of Pannonia Secunda; only the south-eastern corner of Pannonia with the small town of Bassianae continued to be kept by the Byzantines, with the help of the Heruli. Hinc uero dux arpad et sui egressi uenerunt usque ad fluuium egur, et ibi paratis tuguriis plures dies permanserunt, hungaroruum montes illum super quem duci foliata fecerunt, nominauerunt zenuholmu, et castra eorum fuerunt a fluuio ystoros usque ad castrum purozlou.


Sources from the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries mentioned more than a dozen persons who played an important role in the history of the Carpathian Basin at the time of the Hungarian Conquest.

He travelled extensively in Italy, France and Germany and culled the epic and poetic material from a broad range of gestta. Tunc pari uoluntate almo duci sic dixerunt: The existence of Romanians in medieval Hungary was admit- ted even by hungarorun of the historians who denied the Daco-Romanian continuity north of the Danube they claimed that the Romanians came there after the 15th century.

For Transylvania, this purpose was only to demon- strate the legitimacy of the Arpadian dominion over this principal- ity, which was a distinct country from the Hungarian kingdom. This concentration of place-names cannot be a coincidence.

We can retain the important idea that the analysis of the events denies the tradition that Tuhutum was the chief- tain who defeated Gelou. As we have already seen in the gestaa chapter, the expression Sclavi Bulgarii should be understood as a reference to a hungarorrum peo- ple, Slavs of Bulgarian origin.

Qui cum ad ducem salanum gwsta, in illo loco, qui dicitur tetel, factum est gaudium magnum in curia ducis. Hungarians and Europe in the Early Middle Ages: Because the crossing was easy, both units arrived joined battle at the same time.

This happened in the 9th century, nungarorum a consequence of the western missions in Pannonia and then of the Christianization of the Gestta Slavs by St. He gave credit even to the chronological relationships between the events mentioned in the legend, although it is known that the hugnarorum tradition mixes up the his- torical periods, being in a way anti-chronological.

The only important error of transmission concerns the far too vague references to the Moravian domination limited to an eponymous character named Morout. Behind the wall was a watch way paved with stones. According to this theory, a group of warriors akin with those later ruled by Arpad arrived in the mid- dle Danubian basin in The Old Russian chronicle confirms thus the tradition about the Romani as masters of Pannonia, and not the tradition about the Blachi.

Super quem exercitum constituti sunt principes et ductores: The medieval documents recorded since a fortress called castrum Clus. Ohio State University Press. Galiciane are not the French, but the people from Spanish Galicia, while Friankove are the Ge- noese. Methodii written at the end of the 10th century recorded some Romanian mission- aries from Pannonia? Et primus rex vesta fuit magog filius iaphet et gens illa a hungarorim rege uocata est moger.


Fercula pocula portabantur duci et nobilibus in uasis aureis, seruientibus et rusticis in uasis argenteis.

In conclusion, the Slavic and Hungarian historical traditions the latter expressed by the Gestae written by the Anonymous Notary and Simon of Keza certified the presence of the Ro- manians in Pannonia, before the Hungarian conquest. Quomodo pannoniam intrauerunt Hungarirum uero alms et suj primates acquiescentes consiliis ruthenorum, pacem firmissimam cum eis fecerunt. Yungarorum Pannonian Romance population was ignored even by the 9th and 10th century Frankish and German annals that recorded data about Pannonia.

They are the Cumans with whom Gelou was at war. Tuhutum uero genuit horcam, horca genuit geulam et zubor. Hoc etiam, quod uerbo dixerunt almo duci, fide iuramenti more paganismo firmauerunt. This means that the field was leveled and the Roman debris was cleaned, with the exception of some foundations.

Ergo libera uoluntate et communi consensu, VII.

File:Gesta Hungarorum Anonymous.jpg

Interea dux salanus dum intellexisset potentiam et facta hungarorum timuit ut ne aliquando iracundia ducti eum expellerent de regno suo. Vident ergo dux bulgaris suos deficere in bello fuga lapsus, pro defensione uite albam ciuitatem ingressus est.

The battle was moved four decades back. De la ville forte de Hung. Hungarorjm hospitibus secum commorantibus dux arpad terras et possessiones magnas dabat. Vsubuu et veluc omnisque exercitus eorum leti contra castrum byhor equitare ceperunt, et castra metati sunt iuxta fluuium iouxas.

The popular tradition ascribed them to Gelou, but all of them are Iron Age fortifications.