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These maybe general manifestations.

Bala Bhadra observes, the use of the above description of the signs lies in recovering stolen articles, lost wealth and location of place or surroundings of birth. The various houses from the ascendant through 12th yield effects according to the designations allotted to them.

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Such as planet’s week day and ascendant should also be deemed propitious. As per the school of sage Ratnma, the sign that is identical with an angle is strong. Declaring effects of planetary phenomena in such cases is an exercise in futility.

Neither these are ruled by the Sun and the Moon from Mars to Saturn the rulership goes in the manner, as shown in ratnxm His name features in Garuda Purana, Maha Bharata etc. The above is a literal rendering of the original text. However” we had already known of these earlier.

Brahmin has been described as one belonging to the first of four original divisions of Hindu traditional body, but often in the present day a layman engaged in non-priestly occupations although the name is said to be strictly applicable to only one who knows and recites the Vedas again and again. These are, however, readily available these days in various ephemerides and one does not have to do cumbersome exercises in respect of basic requisites.


Mars affects one’s physical strength.

A virgin seated in a ratjam with fire and corns in her hands is Virgo. The manner in which results should materialise cannot be regulated even by Brihaspati, the minister of Indra – the king of gods.

Mercury in the company of these planets will also be a malefic.

The use of Shad Varga as enunciated by sage Garga has already been stated. Kalpa is a specific name for the 1st house, while “Sva” is so for the 2nd house.

Bala Bhadra’s Hora Ratnam: With Original Deva Nagari Slokas – Balabhadra – Google Books

Whatever auspiciousness and inauspiciousness one had earned in the last birth due to his various deeds or Karma will be known through the science of astrology just as the lamp throws light on the articles in darkness. Names of The Signs: Red, white, parrot-green, pink, grey, variegated.

To avoid misunderstanding it is to be stressed that arms, chest and lungs come under the sign Gemini, horaa heart is ruled by Cancer. Many famous personages like poet Bhavabhuthi belonged to this city. Alternatively, these can be from “Surya Jataka” the authorship of which also is attributed to the Sun God.

Chaturasras 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th. As Satyacharya says, one will receive harm from men of such a caste as indicated by a weak planet.


From this all deductions about horoscopy are made. The Sun is the king. It is suggested by the author that if the ascending degree obtains the same Navamsa as in the Rasi, the native will be among the bora lot.

Hora Ratnam

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio as an example and his direction is the south. Based on Satyacharya’s views, the signs are described as under. For relative functions, the planet ruling relevant Veda should be strong at the time of the event. Since Scorpio is an even sign, the Trimsamsa of Venus should artnam marked in Taurus which is an even sign of Venus.

That is, the ascendant indicates head, the 2nd house face, the 3rd house arms and chest, the 4th house heart, the 5th house abdomen, the 6th house waist, the 7th house bladder lower abdomen, pelvisthe 8th house privities, the 9th house thighs, the 10th house knees, the 11th house shanks and the 12th house feet.

Although narration of “exaltation” forms part of the sub-heading of these verses, it is not included in the quotation.