Great Lakes – Hunter K Alignment – Used Hunter Alignment machine K Everything works and is functioning. I have all operating. ALIGNMENT COMPUTER AND LIFT COMBINATION DEALS. Repo Bendpak 12, LB. SCISSOR LIFT, JACKS, PLATES AND HUNTER R DSP You will be bidding on 1 Hunter K Wheel Alignment Machine. This item may be missing parts not known to the surplus property. This property is located at.

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Hunter k alignment machine with 3.

Hunter K Alignment System | Automotive Equipment |

It boots from a 3. HxC Floppy Emulators website. I spent a bunch of time working on a solution to these old machines. My original intent was setting up an emulator to do away with the floppies.

I tried many things over the course of 6 months to get a Gotek emulator one with image mode to read non-dos disks to boot. The machine could see and read from the emulator, but it would never pass the image to the machine.


Hunter K Wheel Alignment Machine | eBay

Im unsure or what was the cause and called it quits about 3 months ago. The emulator and image was passed on to a close friend in Australia and was lost by post.

I had started a post over on Vogons about loading an image that was 1. Turned out I originally had the wrong emulator, getting the correct one did nothing more.

From what I can see. I can see file structure in the images I have but I have not found a way to open them to see the contents or even identify what it is.

The image is also laden with errors that seem to hiccup software like winimage and hxc. It writes an image raw but if you try to write it back to disk it fails I would still like to get this going on an emulator but the time, money, and effort already put into such a niche thing Im really not interested in spending even more for another failure.


I bought a Hunter L and am looking to do the Floppy to emulator swap.

Hunter K111 Alignment

Did you ever succeed in making it work? I already messed up my first floppy and have now contacted a guy in the US who is selling new floppydisks for the Hunter.

Hopefully he can provide me with a new disk or maybe even an image to put straight on to the Gotek emulator. I would like to do the same for a Hunter H, very interesting project, can you point a novice in the right direction?