ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option. “Topical cooling (icing) delays recovery.” -Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research/National Strength and. Gary Reinl, author of Iced: The Illusionary Treatment Option, adamantly believes that ice’s pervasive use by athletes and injured people. Ice is a common treatment used by athletes, doctors, and parents for a variety of In Iced! The Illusionary Treatment Option, Gary introduces himself to the.

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ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option

Stillness is the Enemy. We already covered the fact that ice can help delay the effects of inflammation when applied to a severed limb. His influence has reached Olympic athletes, their trainers, and collegiate training rooms.

This week we take a moment to review Swolverine: The story made national news lced the story was too garbled up with technical jargon concerning the tissue reattachment surgery. Starrett, like many other doctors around the globe, are right behind Reinl in his push to change the way we think about icing.

While it may be a little repetitive at times, this book is a great eye opener for many people, and no doubt it made me question some of treatment methods I had been using for decades.

Baseball Outside The Box

Rest and ice have not been found to be important factors for improving recovery times from injury. Either way, it provides detailed information about icing, uncovers some of the myths about cold therapy, and gives us some great alternatives to use instead of icing.

Throughout the book Reinl uses grocery shopping to compare inflammation and swelling, and likens a toothpaste tube to fluid dynamics. John Michael Bric August 19, I definitely felt like Iklusionary was reading the same thing over and over again a few times during the book and would often read the same argument, or point, made in a different way later in the book. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Happy to help, if you want some eyes on your articles before you publish them.


He eventually regained functionality in the use of his limb. Topical cooling icing delays recovery from eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage. Reinl is a good story teller and the book is full of real life examples and captivating stories from his own life that work well to emphasise his arguments.

He wrote this book because he figured that it was about time that his message should heard by the weekend warriors of the world, the non-athletes, and the non-medical professionals. Sometimes movement i,lusionary painful, so only small, pain-free ranges of movements should be performed.

Ashley Stewart May 3, For the record, I am not a physician. Email required Address never made public.

There is no hiding the fact that up until this year, I have been an avid user of ice as a treatment option. Cryotherapy is thought to be the perfect home-remedy because of its ease of access. I would encourage any athlete, trainer, or rteatment to read this book and make their own mind up on the matter. John Michael Bric October 17, Gary recommends that we all stop using ice for post-injury treatment and soreness.

ICED- the Illusionary Treatment Option – Baseball Outside The Box

Their logic was sound, and is still used to this day. Imagine a balloon filled with air. If refrigerators can increase the shelf-life of meats, then freezers should preserve it for even longer. Movement and The Marc Pro Dr. Subjects also reported a higher level of fatigue 72 hours post exercise of the iced tissues compared to the non-ice controls.

This is evident in his detailed use of research figures and study results throughout the book. History of Icing In the late 60s, there was a young boy who somehow managed to sever his arm on a railroad track.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Synergen3 Dietary Supplement This week we take a moment to review a new supplement to hit the functional fitness market — Synergen3: This week we take a moment to review a new supplement treatmenf hit the functional fitness market — Synergen3: In fact, in a Sports Illustrated article, two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum stated that he “never” uses ice after throwing.


Again, thank you opton please feel welcome to contact me at anytime.

Gary Reinl Foreword by Dr. The pain that was due to pressure on the nerves from the swelling should go away once the fluid has cleared. Offers Alternative Treatment Options: No longer content to keep this information contained within pro training rooms as millions of people every year unwittingly damage and lced their body’s recovery process with ice, Gary explains the critical role that inflammation plays, why it is different than swelling, and yhe to achieve the actual goal of accelerated waste removal.

The fluid is pushed through the lymphatic vessels by compression, either from an outside force massage, compression sleeves, Graston tools or from intrinsic muscle contraction. Melting the Myth of Ice Therapy http: Endorsed By Kelly Starrett: During that time, he has witnessed the rise and now fall of icing from both the bird’s eye, as well as street-view, levels, and his accounts — coupled with his telling of how this all happened without any peer-reviewed evidence and his explanation of the physiological facts and related peer-reviewed scientific studies — are both groundbreaking optionn alarming.

The Treatmet Treatment Option: The American Journal of Sports MedicineOphion Journal of Athletic TrainingThe Cleveland Clinic … the unanimous peer-reviewed results go on and on … But it is not just confined to research, as many athletes are discovering this in practice. Listen to treatent senses and stop aggravating the injured tissue while it heals!

While Reinl spends most of the book telling us why icing is bad, he also gives us a detailed breakdown of which treatment options we should be using for specific injuries. Using very detailed and descriptive examples Reinl allows readers to grasp the point that icing only delays the inflammation process and as a result, slows down he healing process.