In one of the studios there was a speaker system, JBL something, two 15″ bass drivers, probably one . 4th midrange driver: JBL H Go to measurements. The H are not aquaplased as the H’s. How are their sonic character? I’ ve been told that JBL would have to come up with a four-inch. I’ve got a couple of JBL h drivers that I’d like to use in mid range horns. They would slot in between a JBL h L/F and a 1′ HF CD/horn.

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Concerning the price, well, that from my point of view, depends how much efforts has to be done in order to get the ‘ expect-able amount’ of pleasure. The litmus test was taking my turntable to the workshop to make sure the final crossover was it. Above the 10NDA on the actual baffle, 65 x cm. On listening to a and comparing it to a there is no comparison. Every graph needs interpretation in terms of what it means sonically and how it impacts our choice of mating drivers, cabinet and crossover design.

As said above, I’ve been seriously disappointed going back in time reviewing stuff I found great many years ago, but that unforgettable memory of the JBL system at Danish Radio some 30 years ago turned out to be valid. As long as the re-cone kits don’t dry up you can essentially build yourself a factory fresh pair. I’ve used it before and was impressed by its performance, and I know it has found its way into extremely expensive – and well regarded – commercial horn systems.


There are 0 items available. Bass performance is highly dependent on in-room placement of your speaker and the same speaker can be boomy in one place and lean in another. In fact, the horn handles all of the treble range that matters. Jbo good experience with them, may be a good suggestion for the other 1223h to start DIY projects, especially it seems to me that they are not so large as mentioned x family.

The final midrange driver. The lower part of the rear panel will be attached with screws for access to crossover. I found them at reasonable price and they appear to be in mint condition, no sagging of hbl spider or anything not performing as expected.

The research in that paper gave rise to the – Bi radial monitors. The high side filter reponse was equalized and not taken down as low. The horns Back to drivers.

Sorry it was earlier. And funny thing, the first FE I got was just tossed in a box, no packing.

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Maybe if I extend the basement, there will be room The losers at their warehouse tossed it in a box with some peanuts and it got pretty busted up in transit. So she’s just as incredulous as the rest of us trying to buy Pro thru Consumer, but she stuck with it.

In terms of crossover, much easier. This is very high to present standards and makes the 18″ bass driver handle all of the lower midrange. And just because it makes 95 dB, don’t think it runs from faint hearted SET stuff.

Above the semi-active version with the Hypex module. Hi, I love my ti’s and the 8″ H mid.

Now, attenuators may have a bad reputation because the wipers may get noisy over the years. If you use strap clamps, add two clamps at the middle of the cabinets, front and rear, to make sure it’s mm width!


JBL H 10″ 8 Ohm Midrange Audio Speaker DB Sensitivity Watts Cont. | eBay

Bass features a 2nd order LR topology, either from the passive crossover or the Hypex. They should last a lifetime. There is an underlying jnl here The super-tweeter support can be made to your liking as long you stick to the center being some 60 mm above surface and tweeter faceplate mm behind front panel.

Smooth frequency response, easy crossover and the sound similar to its sibling. It’s important not to put too many things into play at once. I’m jb, of implementing the same setup in my DIY speakers but with a H. They all have higher resolution than the older 43XX stuff thanks to recent driver technology.

The 18″ bass drivers hardly moves delivering thunderous bass. Mouse over to zoom 2123hh Click to enlarge.

The problem about building the Arrays is availability of the parts. For the latter option the tweeter was given a 2nd order high-pass filter resulting in a point of crossover around 9 kHz with inverted polarity relative to 2123y horn.

Clasic JBL soundmore refined build the Arrays. The drivers used are more than capable of covering that frequency range. Looks like a very well behaved driver.

There are a lot less timing errors on the new stuff and also helps transients and resolving power.