the latest updates on JNU CBEE & avail the details about Entrance Exam , Eligibility, JNU CBEE MTech Biotechnology Syllabus. What are the best universities for MSc biotechnology under JNU CEEB? 4, Views What is the syllabus for MSC in microbiology in JNU entrance exam? . Answered Oct 8, · Author has answers and k answer views. Syllabus for JNU CBEE is attached, for Biotech/ Agri and Syllabus for M. Tech Biotechnology is in seperate PDF files, available , PM PLS tell me about JNU entrance examimation syllabus for MSC.

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Structure of matter and basic solid state physics- elementary nuclear physics- elementary quantum mechanics- structure of atom.

Chemical equilibrium, first law, thermochemistry, second law and entropy, free energy, properties of dilute solutions. Tell me the total syllabus for M. The candidates will be required to attempt 60 questions. Basic concepts of analysis of drugs. Chemical kinetics, rates of reactions and factors affecting rates of reactions. Applications — word processing — spread sheets.

Introduction to fermentation processes, Isolation, preservation and improvement of industrially important microorganisms, Optimization of media and culture conditions, Bioreactor design and operations, Modes of culture — batch, fed batch, perfusion, continuous, chemostat etc.

What is the syllabus for MSc Biotechnology entrance exam of JNU?

Types of mutation; UV and chemical mutagens; Selection of mutants; Ames test for mutagenesis; Bacterial, yest, cyanobacteria, fungi genetic system: For Cochin University of Science and Technology: Food chemistry and analysis, microbiology and biochemistry of fermented food products, food spoilage and food borne diseases, Food additives and ingredients, Chemistry and technology of various food commodities like cereals, legumes and oil seeds, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and poultry, plantation crops, milk and dairy products, confections, beverages etc.


Cells of the immune system, lymphoid tissues, complement, antibodies, hybridoma technology, applications of monoclonal antibodies, antigen recognitioin, processing and presentation, cell mediated immunity, cytokines, hypersensitivity, vaccine technology, auto-immunity, transplantation, immune responses to various infections, Immunotechnology. Free hormonic oscillators- elastic waves- Electromagnetic waves- interference, diffraction, scattering and polarisation of light- thermal radiation.

Which is the best institute in north for MSc in genetic engineering or biotechnology?

The Candidates will be required to attempt 60 questions: Mohd haseeb khan says 2 months ago. Modelling of non-ideal behavior in bioreactors.

Elementary Boolean arithmetic — substraction — addition — multiplication. Bioreactor operation and design, reactor sterilization. Operating systems- windows- linux- simple commands. How to pursue M. Embryo and ovary culture.

JNU CBEE Syllabus – Winentrance

Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Tell me mr about urdu entrance exam syllabus. Elementary basic programming commands and syntax. Seed Technology – Seed technology and its importance; production processing and testing of seeds of crop plants; seed storage, seed certification; role of NSC in production; New seed policy and seed control order, Terminator Technology. Ionic solids, ionic radii, lattice energy Born-Haber Cycle.

CEEB Previous Year Question Papers 2013

Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat 2. University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad Introduction to computer-Electronic data processing, operating system-common software available-Internet applications-Databases and bioinformatics.

The written examination of JNU is conducted once in a year in the third week of May tentatively.

Material and Energy Balances: On opening geography ma paper weare entarnce economics paper so sir please check. Recombinant DNA technology-cloning vectors, restriction enzymes, gene cloning. Modelling of non-ideal behavior in bioreactors. Transport phenomena in biochemical reactors- Mass transfer in immobilized enzyme systems and Oxygen transfer in submerged fermentation process, examples of primary metabolites, secondary metabolites and enzymes.


Food Science and Technology: Elements of databases- Relational database. Please type your question or comment here and then click Submit.

Heat and Mass Transfer: Biotechnology Programme Participating Universities: Nagpur University, Unu Sample question papers of JNU entrance for Biotechnology? Elementary basic programming commands and syntax.

Rajendra Agricultural University, Samastipur M. Protection – Diseases of field, vegetable, orchard and plantation crops of India and their control; causes and classification of plant diseases; principles of plant disease control biological control of diseases; Seed health testing, Integrated pest management-concepts and components; host plant resistance-biological control of insect pests; genetic manipulation of insects for their control; pesticides, their formulation, classification and safe use; behavioural methods; use of computer modeling in pest and fof out break; use of semiochemicals in IPM; insect growth regulators; biotechnological approaches in IPM; IPM in major crops, Principles of nematode management-integrated nematode management in entrancf crops-silkworm types; mulberry silkworm, culturing methods; pests and diseases of mulberry and mulberry silkworm and their management 5.

Immunological preparations, genetic engineering, fermentation, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics-drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination- general principles. Principles of Food Science and Processing – Food production and consumption trends in India; food Science objective food composition; nutritive value of foods; importance and scope of food processing; Indian scenario; Effect of processing on different food groups; Food spoilage; Principles and methods of preservation; Quality Standards, Ventra Centicals.