Any deviation to this regulation to be noticed to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” by the contractor or consultant. These. Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring – Kahramaa. Views . Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation – Kahramaa · qa. L O D = Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation . KAHRAMAA hereby certifies that the WORK under the said CONTRACT has been.

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Providing technical support to electronic networks users in the Corporation and training them on the use of systems, programmes, computers and accessories. The divisions of the administrative units which comprise the Corporation may be created, merged or cancelled according to the public interests, and the competencies thereof may by assigned or amended by a decision of the Minister upon the proposal of the President.

Monitoring substances and elements that affect water quality in its resources and during its storage and delivery in coordination with the concerned administrative units and rregulation relevant bodies, providing technical support and monitoring, and contributing kahrxmaa the development of a water laboratory.

Focused Recruitment

Reviewing and evaluating the performance of the Corporation’s administrative units and developing proposals to raise its overall efficiency. The right to own, construct, operate and maintain electricity generation stations, water desalination plants, electricity transmission and water distribution networks.

Adopting the Corporation’s plans and project programmes and monitor their implementation. Maintaining the strategic water reserve. Monitoring and coordinating regularly with water production plants regarding the State’s water needs. Ensuring the application of a high level of quality in customer service through monitoring the services and activities related to customers.

The depth of first Inspection Chamber should be 0. Study permit applications and issuing Permit advertisements. Preparing the initial studies for the issuance of permits for networks buildings and setting the appropriate plans to meet the demand for electrical power.

Selected Qatar Hotels Read hotel reviews and compare prices. Drafting the annual auditing plan of the administrative units in the Corporation and submitting it to the President for adoption, and preparing reports on the auditing results. The network is coupled with low and medium voltage sub-stations 11kv and more than km of cable lines. Receiving and studying applications for building permits. Receiving, following up and investigating customer complaints on water quality and preparing reports thereon.


The Minister shall be responsible for the overall performance of the Corporation and he regulatiob have the power and authority necessary to manage its affairs and achieve its objectives, in particular the following: Controlling pumping stations and water reservoirs and monitoring delivery and distribution networks to ensure a continuous water supply to all customers in the State.

Receiving, classifying and recording incoming and outgoing mail. Study permit applications maintenance of the buildings and the issuance of Permit.

This can help save money, while also preserving natural resources and safety of environment. The President shall conduct all technical, financial and administrative affairs under the supervision of the Minister and within the framework of the general policy of the Corporation, in accordance with prescribed laws, bylaws and regulations and within the limits of the annual budget. Studying and assessing the technical and financial offers for bidsof the projects of electricity and water production plants, and preparing reports thereon.

Monitoring the procedures of appointment, vacations, promotion and other matters relating to personnel affairs, and verifying the commitment to kaharmaa organising laws, regulations and decisions. Reducing water loss and using the latest equipment to elcetrical leakage. Applying standards and specifications published by local governmental bodies on the environment, health, safety and water quality through the development and implementation of audits, examinations and monitoring programmes.

Preparing Electrical Specification, Scope of work, Tender documents. Full proposed design details including; Architectural, Location plan, Structural plans, Sections and Elevations with QND 95 levels noted on all drawing, including the loading design and foundation details.

Preparing site progress periodical reports.

The Minister shall, upon the proposal of the President, issue the necessary decisions and regulations to implement the provisions of this Resolution. Operating pumping stations, water reservoirs and towers, and fields of drinking wells. The Department of Customer Services shall be specialised in the following: Monitoring the application of occupational safety and health rules and reducing the risks to the Corporation’s electricity and water facilities, staff and contractors.


The Department of Information Systems shall be specialised in the following: The Council of Ministers, upon a proposal of the Minister, may amend the organisation of the administrative units which comprise the Corporation by addition, deletion or merger, andmay assign or amend the competencies thereof. Implementing, checking and operating new main delivery projects, in coordination with the concerned administrative units in the Corporation.

can any one tell me the requirments to get kahramaa licensed?

Kahramaa was mandated with several responsibilities and commitments, some of which are:. Supervising the management of water tanks stations to serve areas unreachable by water networks. Implementing projects for connecting and strengthening high and low voltage at the State level.

Guideline for Plans Submission. Both documents are provided below. Communicating and exchanging information with the competent bodies in other countries in the field of research and studies of the uses of renewable energy technology. The Electridal of Supplies shall be specialised in providing the necessary machinery, equipment, appliances and operating requirements, in particular the following: Preparing studies for the development and improvement of the operational efficiency of the current electricity and water production plants, in coordination with independent companies which own kzhramaa plants.

The President shall represent the Corporation before the courts and in its relations with third parties. The auditor shall submit to the Minister of Finance a detailed report on the result of the audit of the Corporation’s accounts, including suggestions and recommendations. Ensuring the continuity of supplying the national regullation of electricity and water after connecting the services.

These units are as follows: