Lepra tuberculoide. Rios González, Carlos Miguel Cátedra de Dermatología. Facultad de Ciencias Médicas. Universidad Nacional de Caaguazú. Paraguay. El 65,4 % de los casos índices fueron hombres y 22 (84,6 %) lepromatosos; dos tenían lepra indeterminada y dos tuberculoide. Los casos secundarios fueron. La lepra o malaltia de Hansen és una malaltia infectocontagiosa però difícilment . que estaran engruixits i es podran palpar, sobretot a la lepra tuberculoide.

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He also had problems swallowing and presented solid and liquid dysphagia. Hence the leprous bacilli may form large clusters in the nerve sheath, and in some patients this may at first lead to hyperaesthesia.

However, the absence of a granulomatous form or inflammatory response reduces the tissue destruction characteristic of the tuberculoid form. Medicina Interna, Tomo I. The mean age at diagnosis was 52 years, and sensory symptoms predominate as neurological manifestation of disease. Nature Genet ; Leprosy situation in the world and multidrug therapy coverage. This leads to arthritis and septic osteomyelitis of non-leprous origin, accompanied by bone destruction and compromised movement due to muscular paralysis also secondary to nerve the damagewhich results in osteoporosis and bone atrophy.

The circulating bacteria are so abundant that they can be detected in peripheral blood samples. Mononeuritis is the most common presentation of leprosy but other clinical manifestations are possible, including skin lesions. Hence it affects the skin, peripheral nerves, the mucosa of the upper airways and other tissues such as bone and some viscera This invasion usually occurs indirectly, via lesions in the surrounding soft tissues or, less often, via the blood.


The presence, in the subcutis of lepers, of metamorphosic forms of HANSEN bacillus, is the cause of common relapses of negativated cases by treatment, which fact suggests a new therapeutics method to destroy such elements in loco, and exiges more strict examination before release of interned patients. Although the trunk may be affected, few lesions are generally observed in this region 1.

Hansen Neuropathy: Still a Possible Diagnosis in the Investigation of a Peripheral Neuropathy.

Impact of leprosy on family and intimate relationships. Leprosy lesion of the prepuce of the male genitalia: He is being monitored by his general practitioner and receives domiciliary care for his left knee lesions and diabetes. Beginning at the tjberculoide, the maxillary bone begins to erode to the extent that the palate becomes perforated.

Such bacteriological findigs and the proved mutation of tuberculoid leprosy into lepromatous type, demolished the basis of the so-called “polar” classification of leprosy. No adenopathies were palpated. Current Syntheses and Future Options.

Hansen Neuropathy: Still a Possible Diagnosis in the Investigation of a Peripheral Neuropathy.

Atlas de enfermedades orales. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Centro Hospitalar do Porto.

The phalanx and metacarpal or metatarsal bones are often affected, with marked shortening that may leave only tuberxuloide stump 1. Int J Lepr other Mycobact Dis ; The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Paleopathology. Leprous patients with a positive Mitsuda reaction usually present a histological tissue reaction similar to that found in tuberculosis, and hence the name give lrpra this clinical form is tuberculoid leprosy. Our patient showed generalized changes in pigmentation, as can be seen in the figures.


They were aged from 20 to N Engl J Med ; Only two couples had consanguinity. The diagnosis, based on clinical suspicion, is confirmed through bacteriological and histopathological analyses in which non-caseating granulomas are observed pepra, as well as by means of the lepromin test intradermal reaction that is usually negative in lepromatous leprosy form and positive in the tuberculoid form 6.

Extended studies on the viability of Mycobacterium leprae outside the human body. In many places where poverty abounds they continue to be endemic 14although isolated in the case tuherculoide leprosy or not-so-isolated cases may still appear in developed countries, as has occurred with tuberculosis in the context of the Aids pandemic. Involvement of male genitalia in leprosy.

Saúde Pública – Lepra Conyugal Lepra Conyugal

Under these circumstances the clinical form tuberculooide to acquire certain lepromatous characteristics, with aspects of BL, the intermediate form or, more rarely, BT. It is transmitted from person to person and has a long incubation period between two and six years. The disease presents polar clinical forms the “multibacillary” lepromatous leprosy and the “paucibacillary” tuberculoid leprosyas well as other intermediate forms with hybrid characteristics.