The origin of the Direct Laryngoscopy Video System. Our video system is considered the best practice for laryngoscopy, intubation, oxygenation, and surgical. The latest Tweets from Richard Levitan (@airwaycam). Airway obsessed ED doc passionate about larynx and mountains. Live free or die there are greater evils. Overall goals and objectives: 1. Review airway anatomy pertinent to mask ventilation, supraglottic airways, laryngoscopy, and intubation. 2.

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Procedure Videos for Emergency Medicine. This isn’t particularly new, but I couldn’t resist putting it in here because it is really pure gold. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The best lecture on Airway Management—Ever? Tracheal intubation is then confirmed using capnography or an esophageal detector device. EP Monthly Dec 9, Anesthesiology, 5PMID: If this is unsuccessful in revealing the epiglottis, an alternative approach is to advance the blade in a stepwise, gradual fashion directly down the tongue in the midline.

For more information see this video by Dr. The traditional approach to direct laryngoscopy with a Macintosh blade is to start on the right side of the mouth and sweep the tongue out of the way before proceeding to look for the epiglottis.

Fantastic lecture and aorway slides especially By subscribing, you can Financial Disclosures Unless otherwise noted at the top of the post, the speaker s and related parties have no relevant financial disclosures.


GI bleed, intestinal obstruction, gastric ultrasound with full stomach, etc. When a Grade IV view is airwya, the natural reaction is to panic. Why the heck not?

Surgical Airway Trainer — Operational Medicine. Also, check out his Emergency Department Intubation Checklist. Bend your stylet to the correct shape. Visit his airway site at airwaycam. Vomit can convert an easy airway into a very challenging airway by impairing just about any method of intubation.

10 Pearls from the Levitan Airway Course

Thanks Richard and Scott, that was a truly airwaay lecture. To find midline, gently palpating the lateral borders of the thyroid cartilage and rocking the thyroid cartilage back and forth may be helpful.

The bougie should be your best friend in the emergency department! The endotracheal tube is threaded over the bougie while the bougie is stabilized in place. Here is an hour long lecture he delivered last month at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Want to hear more from Dr. Amazing lecture…recommending to everyone at my program, especially students. We never spam; we hate spammers!

Podcast 70 – Airway Management with Rich Levitan

Keep up the good work! Josh is the creator of PulmCrit. It will be much easier to palpate for anatomic landmarks once you are past the skin. If possible, try acquiring blades with a lower profile. Oxygenation for emergency intubation.

Airway Management with Rich Levitan

Again excellent practical material for us EMS providers, the occasional intubators or should I say epiglottoscopists to put into practice. When lrvitan a difficult airway, I still have a tendency to reach for the hyperangulated blade, based on my training.


Emergency Ventilation in 11 Minutes from reuben strayer on Vimeo. Thanks so much Rich Levitan! Or the bougie-assisted approach shown by the HQMedEd team:. Cite this post as: Levvitan the position of the patient before you start — this step is often overlooked in the emergency setting. There is a great discussion about this on the Pharm blog by Mihn Le Cong. If you enjoyed this post, you will almost certainly enjoy our others. If the patient is at high risk for emesis i.

Thanks for airwway Don. Not trying to be difficult. Podcast 70 — Airway Management with Rich Levitan. Using a high dose of rocuronium and waiting at least 60 seconds may add some safeguards against intubating before the patient is llevitan paralyzed. The key is finding midline and then making a large vertical incision. Emergency Airway Management Part 3: Accessed on December 31st Make sure you can use simple airway adjuncts, including the oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways.