Lm35 Temperature Sensor Pin out, Interfacing guide, Circuit Construction and Working Principal. Lm35 is a temperature sensor that outputs an analog signal. In principle, the sensor will perform sensing when the temperature changes every 1 ÂșC temperature will show a voltage of 10 mV. In placing the. temperature (measured in Kelvin) into either Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on the part (LM34 or LM35).

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Certain chemical effects, biological processes, and even electronic circuits execute best in limited temperature ranges. Temperature is one of the ml35 frequently calculated variables and sensing can be made either through straight contact with the heating basis or remotely, without straight contact with the basis using radiated energy in its place.

Usually, a temperature sensor is a thermocouple or a resistance temperature detector RTD that gathers the temperature from a specific source and alters the collected information into understandable type for an apparatus or an observer. Temperature sensors are used in several applications namely HV system and AC system environmental controls, medical devices, food processing units, chemical handling, controlling systems, automotive under the hood monitoring and etc.

The most frequent type of temperature sensor is a thermometer, used to determine the temperature of solids, liquids, and gases. It is also mostly used for non-scientific purposes as it is not so accurate. The different kinds of sensors are categorized lk35 the sensing capacity of the sensor as well as the range of applications.


The different types of temperature sensors include the following. It can measure temperature more correctly compare with a thermistor. This sensor principsl a high output voltage than thermocouples and may not need that the output voltage is amplified. The LM35 has an output voltage that is proportional to the Celsius temperature.

The scale factor is. One more significant characteristic of this sensor is that it draws just 60 microamps from its supply and acquires a low self-heating capacity. The LM35 temperature sensor available in many different packages like T metal can transistor-like package, TO plastic transistor-like package, 8-lead surface mount SO-8 small outline package.

Working Principle of Temperature Sensor and Its Application

The LM35 temperature sensor is used to detect precise centigrade temperature. The output of this sensor changes describes the linearity. This is operated under 4 to 30 volts. The most extensively used electronic devices are operational amplifiers, which are certain kind of differential amplifiers.

Operational amplifier IC is used as a non-inverting amplifier. The amount produced by IC2 amplifies in an amount to the temperature by 10 mV per degree. This unstable voltage is supply to a comparator IC Ln35 Amplifier is the most generally used electronic devices today. The IC op-amp is one sort of differential amplifier.


We have used IC as a non-inverting amplifier which means pin-3 is the input and the output is not inverted. This LM35 temperature sensor circuit amplifies the difference between its input terminals. The advantages of temperature sensor include It has no effect on pruncipal medium, more accurate, It has an easily conditioned output and It responds instantly.

This is all woking temperature sensor circuit and its working principle. We believe that the information given in this article is helpful for you for a better understanding of this project.

How does the LM35 Temperature sensor work? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

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